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  1. Thank you very much guys... Im seriously thinking about getting some stupid agility levels and doing the stupid roving elves quest :P Some more tips are always welcome Oh and btw: Any suggestions for how I should setup my inventory?
  2. First off all: I'm not sure if this is in the right forum Second off all: I'm from Holland and my English is terrible :P Okay, let's start: I'm thinking about to go to the KQ with ranged. No melee, just because my melee stats are horrible :P. Do you guys think, it wil be effective? My stats: att: 71 str: 70 def: 70 hp's: 88 ranged: 97 (almost ^^) magic: 90 prayer: 52 What armour and bow should I use (I guess Karils Xbow, because I don't have a crystal bow =\ )? What and how much potions? Oh and btw, I'm not going to do it solo :P... I'll bring one or two mates (with veracs ;)) Thank you very much, 0wn3dbyjfi
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