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  1. You know so many people on here want to pick apart screen shots and think I am lying about the dagon'hai drops ....fine ....believe what you want to , myself and my wife know the truth. Maybe all the doubters out there should go up into the chaos tunnels and find out for themselves, but like i have said it may take some time to get a drop. And when someone else gets a drop , i'll be saying .... i told you so ! I guess being nice and "sharing" something new isnt proper anymore.
  2. Here is a screen shot of my wifes drop.................
  3. Drop rate varies. My wife and I just went up there in world 131 , her first or second Monk she got a drop of Dagon'hai bottoms... I on the other hand havent seen a drop from them in two days. I am not sure if you have to start When Guthix sleeps , or Hunt for Surok.
  4. They mage , and there is a few zammy warriors that melee.... Take a walk up there , give them a shot .... You can even use the rift just north of edgeville to enter room room 33 in the chaos tunnels, walk southwest to portal , and BAM your in room 32 with all the Dagon'hai monks. :thumbsup:
  5. I didnt get any screen shots.. But it is valid , I stand by my word ... 3 Hats and 1 Robe top between two long time RS players.
  6. Ok ..... So after days of wondering about the Dagon' hai robes and doing exploring I have found what drops them. Be prepared for a long stay , because the drops are few and far between ! I spent three days with my wife fighting at the location and between the two of us we accumulated. (3) Dagon'hai hats (1) Dagon'hai robe top So..... Im guessing you would like to know what drops them ? They are ........ Dagon'hai Monks in the Chaos Tunnels ... Happy hunting !
  7. I agree..... I am keeping mine also, i imagine we will see a sequel..
  8. Thought.... Arent most quest items/clothing untrabable and have the "destroy" feature, but yet anyone with the required defence, or mage stats can wear I cant believe that something doesnt drop them...
  9. Finished When Guthix Sleeps, just wondering what if anything drops the Dagon'hai robes... Any thoughts ? :P Snipersas the mod edit - please do not use colors/ other formatting to change your entire post
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