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  1. ok well im on but i just relised when i logged on that all my stuffs on sir tyson phats n all and im not paying anougher £4.50 for it lol
  2. i never ask for stuff i have lots of stuff already, must be wannabes. you must be confuseing me with my brother official he is a boy i am not. i may not be on in time now anyways as i forgot my password and recovery is taking longgg..
  3. Hey everyone, iv got loads emails resontly telling me to log in quick or loss my char. tbh being 23 now dosent really excuite me as much as it useto but anyways i thought whats £3.50 so just thought id see if any1 i knew is still on here, i dont remember anything btw really bad memory! so sorry if i have forgot you. xx
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