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  1. just stopped by to say Hi to you guys, hows RS as of now? i wonder if any of yall remember me, i kno PKmario does, hows that zammy for ya? sell it yet.? lol. well anyway, just dropped by to say hi. looking around the fourm, it has gotten HUGE!!!!!!!!! amd so many new emotes. lol. well see yall later!
  2. y would anyone want to remember you? no really, give me a few good reasons y? when i left RS i couldent give a poop about people remembering me. love the new smiles, havent been on here for a while, so yeah....
  3. well i official quit, my charracter is in lvl 48 wildy and theres nothing in my bank
  4. World: 93 Location: fally park Time: 12:30 pm (im not sure on times and stuff, but thats the time for California people) Well this is my frist drop party that im hosteing so i dont know how to really start, any way im planning on dropping this stuff: Black (g) plate Black (g) Skirt Black (g) Helm Black (g) Kite Alot of trout i have 11k uncooked and like 700 cooked power ammy cake beer sapphires lots of arrows full green d hide and lots more i hope you guys can come, i know it also migh interfear with the firefest, but y dont you guys stop by. well TTFN, im open to all PM's RSN: 12bigo12
  5. ya my friends play guild wars, im planning on haveing a drop party soon.
  6. as stated above i cannot play it due to its rateing
  7. meh, all i got is full black g and a black t kite, and aa few gp i belive.... meh, maybe....
  8. no i quit cause i got bored. and most likely i wont be back, sorry aznmidgt.... ill muss yer all
  9. ya i know about the game, i cant play it due to the rateing of it, but my friend plays it.
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