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  1. I hope so.... Zanaris isn't really an underground city, just a magical place they you get teleported to via that house in lumby swamps. A new underground city would add lots of new aspects to the game. Jagex over the last few months have been working hard to balance out the pking triangle, and I believe they will start working out on the skills such as smithing and mining.
  2. You read the updates? They released them for brutal arrows to range the new ogres that drop those ancient bone thingys :roll:
  3. Name: Neomop Name Placement: Somewhere in the center Slogan/Quote: 99 Fishing, 99 Cooking Slogan Placement: Bottom right corner Type: Abstract Color(s): Black, Red (and any other colours that will make it look cool) Size: Not too big something like |------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | -------------------------------------------------------- maybe a tiny bit wider Pictures: (Provide one, or tell me what you want) Just make it look good =D Special stuff: I want teh name on like a metallic coloured background sorta like a backplating =\ if thats possible
  4. been waiting for my sig for like 4months now? lol pm me if you ever get back to working on them
  5. oh yea ran this is for my earlier request i wanted to change it same style sigs, the 200-300k ones(photoshop backgrounds with pixel character thingys) main colours black and red character wearing white apron, any shirt and pant colours u want dragon square, dragon long, and a bronze med stats to flash 96+ combat, 99 fishing, and 95+ cooking, and of course my name (neomop)
  6. I've been waiting almost 3 weeks at a chance to get one, and now I finally do, but I've waited another week and still no sig lol anyways take ur time ran
  7. probably, since i have half term now ive got much more time to make sigs :wink: Ok I was just asking because I haven't seen my name anywhere on your client list =/ At least I know i'm getting a sig made
  8. Hey i talked to u and yea now u reopened i wanna request a sig Pixel Signatures with Photoshop backgrounds please RS name: Neomop Stats I want flashing in sig: 91 combat, 91 fishing, 93 cooking, 1190+ skill total outfit: santa hat, zammy robes(top and bottom) ruby ammy, black boots, white gloves, purple cape add: proud member of The Dark Legends somewhere in there Main colours: red one more question, do you do sig updating?
  9. Ok, I spoke to you on RS about sigs, if you don't know me, I'm Neomop. Anyways... I've decided I want one. Pixel Signature With Photoshop Background - Ones with the ppl that all look the same :P Background - Dark Purple and white Lettering - Neomop - top left corner The Cameraman underneath 'Neomop' in smaller lettering Skill fading - 92 cooking, 88 fishing, 91 combat Character - Santa Hat, Zamorak Robes (top and bottom), black boots, white gloves, holding a goodie bag Facial - White beard, white hair My initial offer is 350k
  10. I'm trying to get 99 Fishing....I'm only level 82 right now and another 100k 'till level 83.
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