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  1. I know I won't get anything back, I wrote so, but at least they could be able to track the ip-number and do something about it?
  2. Also, how do I get into touch with Jagex about this?
  3. I once thought that only suckers deliberately giving away their passwords to strangers or macroing cheating scum were the only ones to get hacked. But now I know it's otherwise. The first suspicion of hacking arose a few months ago, when I started playing Runescape after a looong "vacation" from the game and realized that my set of masks was missing. Having no memory of selling it, I found it a bit curious, but strangely enough, this was the ONLY thing that was missing so I thought "Oh what the hey, maybe I'm just getting senile" and went on playing. Now, after being away from the internet for a month and a half, I recently logged in, just to find out that EVERYTHING of importance was missing! My full rune, my dbattle axe, dragon ammy, all my herbs, almost all my runes (except the blood runes, strangely enough), my last rare item (a santa's hat) and all my money, which wasn't all that much, but still.. Now, obviously there's nothing I can do except whining, but that doesn't give me my stuff back, I know that. But I wonder: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I've never given away my password or tried using a cheating device.. so could someone please explain to me just how the fudge this hacking process works? My password could hardly have been guessed either.. Also, where do I go from here? Obviously I would have to change my password, but is it something Jagex could do about it, like ban the fudgehead who hacked me? I know someone logged in on my account 33 days ago, but they can't just go blocking ip-numbers, can they? Advice advice advice, please!!
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