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  1. Me and a friend just killed couple of revenants, and the best we got was 800 coins. Anyone gotten anything better? we also died vs the lvl 126 one, did 30+ damage and froze us ^^
  2. you can make them before you get the task. but you cant deliver "premade" food
  3. thx for all the replies, ill look into those quests. and about that guide, I new ive seen such a guide somewhere, but now when i need it, couldent find it. Again thx for the help
  4. Hi, i just sign up for members (5 min ago), and I need your help. I had so many plans on what to do, try the new skills, do some quests and if i get my hands on one do a clue scroll. But now when i signed up, i realize i dont really know what quests I should do. And its here you guys come in, can you point me to those quests thats let me explore the new member areas. some points: 1) My combat level is 79 and I have around 60 in all skills expcept runecrafting (cant stand it...) 2) Im low on gp around 50k (so no expensive quests) well thats all i could come up with, so ill try out fletching and theiving untill you guys help me deside wich quest i will do. thx
  5. Hey, ive been searching the forum but didnt find anything. So i was wondering if someone got a map of the random event "maze". Not 100% sure but ive heard that theres only one "map"? thx
  6. okay thx, forgot about the member things ^^ ill add that
  7. Location: New dungeon in barbarian village, just inside the dungeon. hp: 30 ::Drops:: Gold: 2, ? 100%: bones Weapons: Bronze dagger, Bronze spear Armour: Bronze full helm Runes/Arrows: 3 bronze arrows, 6 to 14 iron arrows Misc: cooked meat, vial, right skull half, 5, 15 noted rune essence, 1 noted tin ore, 1 noted copper ore, level 1 clue scroll Thats it for now dont think they can drop anymore then more coins, but if u find anything i havent listed feel free to post it.
  8. Sign Z_kenneth in. i usually pka with my friends and they allways end up hitting me in the back...the capes would change that.
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