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  1. the usual 1-10 and a reason.
  2. i just found it very rude
  3. Ye Defiantly the Brighter 1 will be open for a few weeks Goin 2 increase prizes i think urs will b hard 2 beat :P
  4. With a Pixel Font you may want to Download 1 its alot easier to use :P Bit Dust2 would b the most common font used or Small Talk
  5. well if you love them so much, mayb you should go back Constructive Criticism Is taken very well as long as You offer an alternative or a recommendation on what they should change or fix Not everyone is a great sig maker and When the produce a quality piece of work which they are proud of you do not put them down because others make betta
  6. ok Here we go Drunken T- That Is extroadinary, Could You perhaps add the Fairies to the Sig where the Trees are darker Tainted hero - Very nice, Expet i Don like the Text Or the Placement Also The Border seems out of proportion to me since the black Strip is way thicker in comparrison to the white LazyBoy164- Its ok For your 1st Day, Just not exactly what im looking for Damien666 - Very nice design, But i would rather a smooth absract with bright exuberant colours Magical Food - Text isnt Working for Me and Its a Bit simple to win 400k KngKyle - Not bad, but not exactly wat i was looking for, two much happening in the sig, but no real focal point
  7. My vote for Royal, I just Love the brushed look
  8. the 2nd 1 in my opinion feel free to enter my comp btw :P
  9. Im Not Sure if this will wreck the balance of the sig, But perhaps some type of Farie or Something along those lines near the plants, Kind of reminds me of something off a fantasy movie
  10. that is mad as cant think of any criticisim perhaps could you highlight the plants on the right hand side to give them a rainforest look, just a suggestion though
  11. hes reliable he brought many sigs on the old scape
  12. yup yup. The Oc has Only just started In Aus and i watch Just for her lol
  13. Everything is Up to You.. Its ur job to make the sig Nothing Runescape related in the Pixel Sig Main Favourite is HIlary Duff Pixle Hilary or Brushed HIlary wuld stand very highly Or Mischa barton
  14. Whatever Tickles Your fancy.. My tastes are that of Detailed sigs.. A brushed Duffy sig would be good :P
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