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  1. yeahyeah i know the comments weren't really needed. but I was bored, that's why i made the bankpic in the first place so I thought meh why not put some silly stuff on it. to those callin me lame for doin it: go play with yer carrot! oh and ty for all the positive comments:D. I love havin multiple items of everything. just looks alot better imo. and no i won't buy every gs etc etc. I'm a tank, why would I?
  2. i'd say around 650mil? honestly, no idea, haven't checked really :)
  3. here's another vinny bank! don't mind the comments \
  4. tyvm all! kill life my invent is a bit different for every slayertask, so is my setup :) i currently still don't know what to do with my cash... i'm really angry since my santa collection had a huge downfall, and i lost 96M+ on those! :( 70mil sitting in the bank... what to do!
  5. cheers, will upload the pkinvids soon mate:p to killer: oi mate! i'll get ourselves a hilt soonish :)
  6. ty for the bumpedy bump kill:p oi deiophobus! yeah i come inthere once in a while,if i'm in a skillingmood :)
  7. yeah sry, i just had to type our 3 weeks in a few alinea's... the other days will be way shorter;)
  8. hey kill & unbeaten:D glad you guys noticed already that i have a blog goin, you guys r active onhere :) ty nihilist:p ! keep up the work,soon u'll be scrapin in the cash scout, i plan on 70 herby today;)
  9. kill life for the awesome banner current goal:: 70 + in all skills,strength will stay 70 latest goal achieved: 70 herblore current funky song: jamie t - rawhide Daily diary [hide=january 5th, purple peehat!]well today was quite new. i saw santas were beein sold at 13.9 each... i was sick of it! bought a purple for 72.5mil cash, and 6 santa hats. i love my choice tbh. took me 3 hours to find a good spot for it in my bank, and i finally found one! sry too lazy to make a bankpic, will do one tonite.[/hide] [hide=january 4th, achievement diary!]what to do what to do... i stood there again and decided i'd go and get another slayertask. i quickly stood trough the dagannoth i got assigned and then i did some farming. 5k away from 70 now! decided i'd start on the varrock achievement diary. as the varrock armour 3 sounds handy if i ever want to get 73 smithing to smith my 3k addy bars from aviansie's into bolts. anyway,got halfway trough the easy part and then a movie dragged away my attention. went to bad after. it was the last day of work aswell and now it's weekend time![/hide] [hide=january 3rd]hard day of work. was really,REALLY tired. asa i came home i dropped on my bed and fell asleep. woke up for dinner, and played for 1.5 hours after. finished an abyssaldemon slayertask without any luck, and went to bed,preparing for the last day of work, almost weekend! sry for the lame updates lately...[/hide] [hide=january 2nd, oh my you skiller!]well sry i only update this late, had work today till 5 pm. sooo, got on and started skilling. i was 3 lvls away from 1900 total and wanted to get it before the update. first off was 69 farming,which was just a fact of checking my yews. saw i was just 11k away from a woodcutting lvl so i quickly powered that at the barb assault willows. and last but not least i pused myself trough a quick 64 agility. right in time before the update arrived! anyway, not very stoked about it all.... friend owes me 5m, and i reckon this update just goes a bit too far... they better make an update soon as i want to do some godwars! [/hide] [hide=january 1st]well as far as i remember it wasn't a very productive day. woke up late, did alot of irl stuff and had a lot to explain to my parents, blahblahblah! anyway, decided ima spent most of my massive cashpile(90M) on skills. bought some decent slayergear(fury,d legs etc) and putting an investment in the kingdom aswell. always fun to pick up a random surprise! and that'll help me farmin. bought the yew seeds needed for 70 farmin. did 2 armatrips, no luck and hit the sheets![/hide] [hide=december][hide=december 31th, newyear]today wasn't really a productive day. got up late, played for a bit and went arma with 2 mates. a skirt drop, so 4.6m ea,almost covers up the loss on my armadyl. let's see... oh right, i got 85 firemaking aswell! after that i went out for newyears eve. awesome party, but yeah, got drunk,sick and typin' this out with a hangover... anyway,wish you all a great 2008! [/hide] [hide=december 30th, skiller preparations]well i got up late, about 1 pm. enjoyin my holidays and taking my sleep! logged on for 5 mins,then went and did irl stuff,went out to skate for a couple of hours and logged back on at like, 5 pm. i quickly got my herblore lvl to 70, wasn't that hard if you have already bought the supplies;) what annoys me is that every single friend on my list wants to go armadyl with me after my luck. apparently i bring good luck:p. kinda annoyin, as i went there for 3 weeks, and am kind of sick of it... meh! pulled off 1 trip with zwillem, and then went to bed. no luck. also sold my armadyl,lost 5.5mil on it already:( and buyin some skills to 70 probably. i'll see! [/hide] [hide=December 29, quite an awesome day if you ask me...]It all started off 3 days ago with me wanting to start a blog here on tipit. ah tipit... yeah i could've started a blog anywhere on any fansite... but never, ever i met such a nice and understanding community! and therefor i choose to write down my daily adventures onhere! anyway, as i began... 3 days ago i wanted to share my adventures with the community, so i set myself a goal. i had everything i was quite wealthy at the moment. owned 12 santas but yet i was determined to get a funky set of armour for myself! sure i had items, yet i wanted a nice set of the best,most expensive item in game! I wanted a dragonfireshield & full armadyl (some of you might go, hey dude bandos & the armadyl godsword are way better!, yet i let you guys know, vinny is a tankranger, he doesn't melee!) anyway. i had that goal set in mind. 3 weeks ago i got into godwars. i saw pictures and heard stories of my friend airlesswig soloing armadyl. i needed some money to have fun back then, since i only own items i do not sell. i had 10 santas then i believe (some may think santas are stupid, yeah well i lost over 100mil on the crash of santas,yet i love em, they're the prettiest rare in rs!) But to get back on the point, Vinny needed cash! badly! So as i envied airless, i got on my set of karils,got myself an armadyl pendant & some other decent gear that would last me for some, and started to solo armadyl. i was excited that i downed him once on my first trip! but that wouldn't do it, so the 5th time i did it, i tried my best and succeeded to kill 2! (moment or pride!) i think on the 8th trip it was,that i got my first solo drop. an armadyl helm. quickly 8.5mil made, on one of my first ( if not the first) day of soloing! yes i was excited, and started to get better,and could sometimes kill 3 in a whole trip! on my own! (another moment of pride:p) about 2-3 days later i got a solo armadyl plateskirt drop off the lil' meleer. (fligh kilisa or something) which amazed me,as these are really rare of his minions. free 16mil! and two days later i got another helm! not bad for one week! that evening me and 2 mates went again, and pulled out an armadyl chestplate (6.5mil each) but yeah, then came a week of bad streaks. nothing for a week, but vinny didn't gave up, he just needed something else,he needed a bread! so he started doing some bandos with mates,and even taking mates to check out this armadyl he always talked about! i once got a bandos chest on a 6man trip before. (3milshare or so,can't remember) and since then i left bandos for what it was, but i was back... then came the day before xmas, and two of my good mates (tom da bom6 & sorcerer vin) joined me on a bandostrip. 3 funky people looking for some cash. and christmasmagic was yet in the air! as he dropped for the second time, big bad general graardor left us his skirt! free 4.5 mil. my day was made, as i got a tassetsdrop, which is cool! 2 kills later my jaw dropped, as it said: tom da bom6 has recieved: 1 bandos hilt! that's 17mil made in one day... cheers santa!:P rest of the day had some other unimportant stuff,meh. somewhere inbetween i took e man 04 on an armadyltrip, and we got ourselves a solo skirt:) so about 8mil each. i had a nice load of cash back then,and was dumb enough to spend it on santas, but i had 12, and i liked it like that! decided i didn't want aymore rares, i don't like partyhats anymore,and masks r ugly,santas are the thing that keeps a vinny happy! aaaaanyway, those were my recent happening the 3 weeks before. 3 days ago i set my goal of getting a dragonfire shield and full armadyl. Me and lil_aziz1 (another maxed tank) went to armadyl, and after a few trips we raked in 4million for both of us as we got one of them helms! after that drop,his friend blk_redje accompaigned us, and lucky as we were the lootshare told us that he had recieved an armadyl chest! that's 11mil in one day! things were looking good... the next morning me, my best mate & also previously maxed tank (onepablotoon) and 2 of our mates went for bandos again. on like the 4th kill i was talking to some guys that were standing outside talking about our team. i was peacefully ranging generar graardor, and suddenly i saw people freaking out & shouting. i checked if we had any drops, and a little green sentence showed up: you have recieved: 1 bandos hilt! that's 10mil for the day!(split by 4) so i was at 21mil cash. sold a few things that i didn't really need,and bought my dragonfire shield for 26mil cash or something. now that's a shield! i might be a ranger,but that shield is awesome,good protection,and looks funky! the next day i was proud. I wanted to share my adventures to you guys,and wanted to start a blog onhere. a blog of my goal to reach full armadyl! little did i knew what that day would bring... THIS IS WHERE THE COOL PART STARTS :P i woke up pretty late... but yet early enough for almost noone to show online on my friendslist, lazy cats.... wake up earlier! vinny wants to go godwars! then I noticed chrupus was online, that chrupus... 24/7 bandos-specialist... he and his team made 100s of millions... but what on earth was he doin in world 6? -trying to get lucky in world 6 mate? -well yeah, my bandospartners are all asleep, and i'm bored -oooh! well it's your lucky day, join team vinny for an armadyltrip?... when we were putting on our gear, chrup's mate,tomsevereyns logged in. he wanted to bandos with chrup, but chrup convinced him to join our team. 3 men for armadyl! as we were getting our killcount, i panicked. i didn't notice my dragonfireshield in my inventory... i didn't drop it to pick up addy bars did I? i wanted to tele and check... but my mates told me not to. i'd wait in fear and check later then... aaanyway, we went in, and we did good. halfway our supplies i was half asleep. so well it went! i wasn't even looking at that giant bird, kree'arra or something... juuuuust watching my chatbox as the messages went by. you gobble your potion, you have 2 doses left,(sara brewing) you gobble your potion, you have 1 dose left you gobble your potion, your potion in finished. you sip of your super restore potion, you have 3 doses left you take a drink of your rangepotion, you have 3 doses left tomsevereyns has recieved: 1 armadyl hilt. wait, oh my! let's read that again? tomsevereyns has recieved: 1 armadyl hilt. yeeeeeeeeeep, we did it... we had gotten the best drop in game... and we were stunned,the 3 of us! we finished our trip with no further drops, each had one shard laying in the bank,and chrup's friend made us a blade! we met in world 2, and i joined the parts together as an armadyl godsword. after some discussion i managed to sell it for 113.7million . we had an 114 offer before,but i stupidly declined as we thought it was 118million or something. aaaaaanyway, that's 37.5million or so each, taken the shardcosts etc away... as my friends were both still looking at the lovely cash they earned, i knew what to do! i got out some useless items, sold em, and bought my first ever set of armadyl for 41.7million. it's the best magedefence in game, but i'm quite disappointed about the meleedefence stats. meh, it still looks hot, and my mate pablo will buy himself a set aswell if he has earned enough, so we can be funky twins in full arma & our praycape! pleased of the things i did i shut down runescape and did some sport etc, spent some time with family & friends... somewhere inbetween i did a quick dk trip with ri elfenmage, but no luck was on our side. later that night my mum went off to a concert with my nephew. and my dad was busy working on his lil' remotecontrol helicopterthingies. my lil' brother was watching ghostbusters on the telly (ewww) and I? i was bloody bored... and i logged back on, quickly called pablo & aziz and told em i wanted to go armadyl again. we all looked the same, was well hot! karils skirt,armadyl plate,dragonfireshield,veracs helm... we had earned some pro gear! the trip went good,altough them little guys were always on poor little vinny:( so i burned trough my supplies pretty fast. arma must've been angry we took his hilt i suppose... i'm fully out of supplies after pablo gave me some of his. I did pretty well,arma was near dead,and suddenly he started comboing me. luckily i clicked my teletablet on 12 hp, and left a redbarred bigbird to finish off for my two friends. as i stood in my house, something happens. the chat is moving fast, pablo and aziz are both spamming a world... hilt hilt HILT omg HILT @@@@@ -guys this isn't funny, messin with me just because you want to shout haha joke! at me when you pretend to show it to me -omg dude come edgeville! -onepablotoon wished to trade you "vinnydakid's jaw drops,again..." we sold this one for 114mil, and we made 38million each. i had 46mil in cash again! (sold some stuff aswell). i spent 2mil to get 70 herblore,pablo bought a bandos godsword, and aziz is saving up for a yellow phat. 10mil of my cashpile will go to e man 04, who has nothing left. i want him to get back in the game! so i'm givin him a serious lend. ended the night by messin around and doin some dms with pablo in the duel arena. i got to lend his saradomin sword,and did well against his bandos godsword! then we switched and to be honest, my 70 strength completily owned his 81 strength, 99 defence etc etc. he didn't hit on my 99 defence, and little did i know 70 strength could ko that fella with a 48! aaanyway, that was a good day. maybe one of the best! made some new mates,had fun, and made 70mil+! bought all supplies i used back for 15mil aswell. godwars isn't cheap, but it sure is fun! now, here's some pictures! [/hide][/hide] The achievements & bankpics Current stats 30-12-2007 maxed skills 99 range 99 defence 99 cooking 99 fletching 99 hitpoints 99 crafting (post pic of 99 mage here,, currently lost...) (post pic of 99 pray here, currently lost...) bankpictures march 29th, 2007 july 31, 2007 december 7th, 2007 (current bankpic will come here soon) Videosection yeah, i used to be a pker. i pked alot, and also got into staking quite a bit. but now after the updates i don't miss it a bit! i enjoy skillin and making money other ways now. anyway, back in the old days i used to be a pretty popular rangepker, i made some videos! (videos re-uploading atm) something about myself hey all. i'm vincent! in game i'm know as vinnydakid. i'm 16.5 years old and i'm from Antwerp, Belgium. i'm not the kind of guy that sits after his computer all day! i have a pretty busy life. i like going out, working out, skateboarding,snowboarding, or just having a fun time with mates,you name it! I've been playing rs for quite a while now and i'm enjoying every single bit of it! even after the update i'm liking it more everyday. i've been playing since a while before the jojo's were released. not sure when that was but that's a milestone to remember when i played this game for the first time :-k aaanyway, chose to write out my daily adventures on this little bloggeh :P i'll try to respond to every post! hope you guys appreciate what i do, and enjoy the read! if you guys do,please leave a little post,or keep this topic bumped up;) cheers,vinny.
  10. rofl @ that valerie:p always fun with her! you're lucky to have such a funky friend lee;) now, to let you know.. i decided to keep my santas and get on with my goals. it's going good so far! i made that dragonfireshield already! (lucky bandostrip on xmas:D) now just for the armadyl,and to put some cash aside for sumonning. best of luck!
  11. [hide=waaay]cheers mate;)[/hide]
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