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  1. Yeah, I seen that mouse. It's kind of a mixture between the esure mouse and gromit :D
  2. I like it... Put some grass under his feet and add a shadow because he looks like he's floating :shock:
  3. Blender and if you want examples of stuff Blender artists forum http://www.blender.org http://blenderartists.org/forum
  4. :twisted: Watch out world... Here I come.
  5. I've added a new picture from the latest weekend challenge
  6. Ye you can use the avvy if you can find it :). I'm attempting a walk cycle for this guys now
  7. Yes :D got a while to go before i'll be good enough for industry though
  8. SQUEAK SQUEAK!! MMM... Lemon Long time no see... Been working on more 3d stuff and thought I might as well post a piece of it here for some critisicm. I've been working on this guy for a while, making tweeks and rigging him.. Made and rendered on Blender, with bones and armatures and everything. :D any help is good. Walk cycle Maybe 20 minutes of fiddling and tweaking came up with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXeMDheNoXg MODS: If i'm not allowed to have a video/youtube link, please tell me and i'll try and put it into a .gif Who would make the cookies? My entry to the weekend challenge at Blenderartists forum. I made it in around 2-3 hours. Lowpolygon car: 20 minutes work. It's a new audi coupe and still needs texturing. ~ LEMON (is awesome)
  9. Hehe... I hate doing hair, it's so dam fiddly :)
  10. 10 minutes of fiddling with paint brought me this :) Went for a little surreal colours. Think I prefer cartoon more than realism when It comes to pixels Any comments accepted etc etc
  11. Cute animation lolz... Living on the edge ay ;)
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