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  1. Im liking the idea of green drags... possibly in the chaos tunnel spot :P
  2. Hello this is Master2122 :) been around these forums since Dec 05, more of a Tip.it Lurker though :P Strength Level 80 Attack level 80 Defence Level 71 Hitpoints Level 80 Prayer Level 52 Magic Level 73 Range Level 71 Slayer Level 61 I am looking for adivce on what monster I should kill for money. It can be any monster out there :) Boss or non-boss monsters! Team or no-team! Thank you in advance :)
  3. Well, do you know of any that are good? And thank you.
  4. This is my first pixel picture. It isn't to good but let me here what you people think. I'm not finished. I'm not to good at shading. If anyone could lead me to a tutorial that would help me with shading it would be greatly appriciated.
  5. Where is the info about the past Slave Auction?
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