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  1. I went to runehead today and look for my old clan Anarchy. I posted the site on a forum and they said runehead is now blocked becuase of recent viruses and keyloggers on there site. Anyone know if this is true?
  2. I believe 9 hp was an incorrect ammount of experience they put into hp. Just never decided to fix it i'm guessing. RSC had a ton of problems, especially when people started duping party hats. Thanks, looks like ask for fish is going to win. Option 1 wouldn't be a pker. Strickly for looks. He'd get experience in hp if he tried to pk. Option 2 ill probably just turn into a lower level pker.
  3. Sorry NFS, Runescape is one of the only games I follow the rules in.
  4. I love it when you stalk me in the night :). yea, would be nice to take a break from ask and 24788 to work on a pker.
  5. Three very rare accounts. Not sure how to make polls. Every forum is different. Option 1 - Uber rare 9 hp, 99 mage mager. Option 2 - Uber rare low level pure pker with bunny ears. NO PRAYER and NO DEFENSE. Option 3 - Uber rare 9hp skiller. If I get enough responses ill stop saying Uber. Sorry for my geekiness.
  6. His name is Kac14 and he wants me to go to this site. He says someones impersonating me. [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation].org a real site?
  7. flash help to pls I'M On my iPod touch but macs can't just dl normally any ideas?
  8. There was no fine print. I just took the classes. They should at least tell you this. I didn't think it would be a big deal which one I paid off first.
  9. Why do you think i'm looking for sympathy. Also I didn't know they could just put fees on you. I should have paid that one first. I decided to start paying the fee from the school I am in now. I didn't sign anything. I just took the classes. I'm just looking for any information anyone can give.
  10. Well I went to a school at a community college. I couldn't pay the tuition at the time. So i've waited until now about 6 months. They added on 600 dollars roughly. 100 dollars a month late fee. It was 1,200 Dollars, but now it's 1,800 Dollars. Anyone know if I can get that lowered from the fees or do I have to pay all of it now? Should I try going to the school to see if I can only pay 1,200?
  11. body{ color: rgb(255,0,0); } #box{ color: rgb(255,0,0); } How do I combine the two and how do I change the color to red. It seems much more complicated to change the box blue and text red. I won't mind just turning all of it red.
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