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  1. Well i play the keyboard and iv been making my own music but i start with the words first then i make the music around it.


    For all you people in bands how do u think of the lirics/words for the songs i carnt really think of the words

  2. Hi,


    I dont know if i should become a member on runescape or buy World Of Warcraft.




    What do u guys think?


    And why is the 1 u think better?




    Thanks for ya help m8's

  3. hi,


    ok so this girl asked me out right nd i said yes. She goes to a different school than me but she always come over to my place. WELL anyway a couple of my friends keep paying me out and its really p***ing me off.


    What should i do and does this happen to anyone else.

  4. Wow i just broke(chipped) my elbow a couple of weeks ago:)


    I sat in class for a whole period just holding it.


    Went to the doctors they gave me a sling nd thats all. I can move it now i can not bend it fully. I'm not suppose to be able to bend it fully for about 5-10 weeks. Then it will be as good as new

  5. Hi Im not one of them people you call an ideas man lol


    So i would like you guys to post what you would like me to make in a fake. I dont care what its about weither its a cow on a person, bank with items u say or anything.


    Ill make what u say and post them here for you to rate or take.


    I wanna do this for experence on making them




    Thanks so start posting ill check here back in the morning and make what u say.




    Thanks again

  6. Hi.








    I was wondering if anybody here knows any websites where i can download sheet music from like anyband that i want. NO TABS(i hate them soooo much)




    Or if anybody is in a band and wants to share there keyboard music I would be thankfull.













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