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  1. u said dont laugh but i couldnt help my self. Try to get way more detail in it then maby just maby post
  2. Nice one flamer it rocks your best work iv seen so far keep it up :D
  3. Lol for some strange reason i like it Nice work
  4. Well i im gunna buy LOGITECH Z-5400 Digital THX 5.1 SPEAKERS http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/produ ... NTID=10927 theres the link to see em There for my bedroom and my bedroom is pritty small its like 7x7 meters do u recon i will get good quility with these speakers
  5. Well i play the keyboard and iv been making my own music but i start with the words first then i make the music around it. For all you people in bands how do u think of the lirics/words for the songs i carnt really think of the words
  6. yeh i dono whats with em either lol
  7. well i stopped em doing it i just said that there jelous nd they dont say it anymore thanks
  8. im 14 nd i dont have a job or anything so money is a big object:(
  9. Hi, I dont know if i should become a member on runescape or buy World Of Warcraft. What do u guys think? And why is the 1 u think better? Thanks for ya help m8's
  10. wasabisam112


    hi, ok so this girl asked me out right nd i said yes. She goes to a different school than me but she always come over to my place. WELL anyway a couple of my friends keep paying me out and its really p***ing me off. What should i do and does this happen to anyone else.
  11. Hi just wondering any of u guys got like some trojan in ur sun java its called java/OpenStream is it suppose to be there? lol coz im getting a bit worried
  12. Wow i just broke(chipped) my elbow a couple of weeks ago:) I sat in class for a whole period just holding it. Went to the doctors they gave me a sling nd thats all. I can move it now i can not bend it fully. I'm not suppose to be able to bend it fully for about 5-10 weeks. Then it will be as good as new
  13. defently in if ya want me to love to do this ill pm u to
  14. Hi Im not one of them people you call an ideas man lol So i would like you guys to post what you would like me to make in a fake. I dont care what its about weither its a cow on a person, bank with items u say or anything. Ill make what u say and post them here for you to rate or take. I wanna do this for experence on making them Thanks so start posting ill check here back in the morning and make what u say. Thanks again
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