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  1. Shipwreck, Explosive, and the wallpaper look the best. I would make the text a bit more fitting with the sig, but thats just my opinion. So keep doing what your doing :
  2. The first sig looks nice in my opinion. While the other two are very messy as you already acknowledged. Just get better at feeling/seeing the flow of the sigs and fitting text, and thats it really. :P
  3. //Made March 8th, 2006\\ I couldn't find my first, so this is the earliest I found. (Sadly, it is quite okay... Not horrible >.>) But either way, I think I made a lot of progress since then :
  4. I feel special Full gold armor ftw! \ i'll catch up to you in about 2589 tickets :P
  5. Brushing is my passion \ No. :-#
  6. Back again.. Raze is back.. Tell a friend.. Couldn't resist to do that >.>.. Been a while since i've made some sigs, so it may not look as good as lets say... my sig :-# Anyways, you guys know what to do.
  7. Made 2 versions for ya, thats if you like them :P
  8. Hope ya like it ^.^ [hide=Linkies too image ]http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/715/sf2pdl1.jpg[/hide]
  9. Flamer


    Main Entry: EtheÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâ÷reÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâ÷al Pronunciation: i-'thir-E-&l Function: Adjective 1 a : Of or relating to the regions beyond the earth b : Celestial, Heavenly c : Unworldly, Spiritual [hide=Open Me ]Been a while (like always) eh? :wink: Been looking for some insperation to motivate me to make sigs again, and.. I haven't found it yet ^.^;. But hey, boredom is insperation.. I guess :P[/hide]
  10. Everything is mostly good, 8/10 for them. :) But the last one bugs me a bit, and heres why o.O Lens Flare: If you are going to use this filter. Please, and i repeat Please, do not make it show up on the sig. As it looks terrible. Soldier: Well all i can say is "he's just there" as he contributes nothing to the sig and is "just there" Little hole thingy: Or whatever :P. But like the soldier, it's just kinda there. Hoped this helped a bit :P
  11. Flamer


    No offense or anything. But I almost about cried when I saw color #A6A3A3. Just was a horrible color for the sig >.<. But thank you for the suggestion. But I think I have the text fixed for the most part o.O
  12. Flamer


    I just picked a color from the background, and set that as the normal color for the text.
  13. Flamer


    Meh. Thats my pet peeve. >.<
  14. Flamer


    If the old remembers still remember me and my old style I used to do. (Abstract with no renders). Then this is no suprise o.O V.2 (With visable text :o!)
  15. Very nice grungey abstract sig! 8/10 :)
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