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  1. Is it really hard to get the pouches as a drop? Would it be worth it to sit in the abyss and kill abyss monsters until I get one or should I just go and runecraft without one?
  2. How do you get items that aren't popularily sold (e.g. blue dragonhide armor, adam armor). Stuff that isn't top tier, but good and sometimes needed...
  3. Through research (tons of posts on this board) after research (reading barrows guides on the main site) I think I've come up with the uber cheap way to beating the barrows. By cheap I mean it in every single sense, money, effectiveness etc. Gear set: Full Rune armor w/any 1 handed dragon weapon (rune kite reduces damage and food needed, CHEAP!!) Full Mystic w/air/fire staff whichever you have less runes of Full Dragonhide (best you can wear) w/ magic shortbow (fires quicker kills faster, uses less prayer) and arrows (preferably good ones but w/e) Amulet of Glory/Ring of Life Mind/Chaos/Death & Air/Fire runes (which ever you need/can afford, you just need enough to kill 5 barrows, keep that in mind) Spade Prayer Pots (2 4 dosers is PLENTY) Food (This is a guide for those who are easily capable of barrows if you don't have the skill requirements for these gears you probably shouldn't be going after barrows) First tip:USE PRAYER! But only on Karil and Ahrim (try to beat them in the crypts, so you don't need to full re-charge prayer in the tunnels on them) This might seem expensive, but its the most effective way to be them, no doubt about it, if you're low level like me you will get pulverized otherwise. Use the usual fighting techniques (range/magic) The melee brothers are safespot fodder in the tunnels. Second tip: Use chaos runes with chaos gauntlets, a very cheap alternative to death runes with very little damage lost, and if you're as cheap as I am you'll use mind runes! HUGE discount on rune costs if you ask me, and no real draw back if you are using safespots, you still take no damage. (This is assuming that you fight all melees in the tunnels and the addition few seconds from using mind over death doesn't matter to you as you waited 30 minutes to fight each brother anywho) Third tip: Use cheap food, if you follow my guide you shouldn't need more then 10 salmons. (Don't tell me you can't fish out 10 salmons in 30 seconds) Ok, now to the fighting: Step 1: The non-melee Enter crypt, put on appropriate gear (range for mage, mage for range), search tomb, turn on proper prayer, range/mage to death. (Keep your prayer up and on) Step 2: Find the tunnel Enter crypt, search tomb, if brother appears run, if tunnel appears enter. Step 3: Get to the NE corner Enter crypt, head towards NE corner, ignore brothers/monsters that spawn, switch to melee gear and keep going in and out of that corner room as both corridors have safespots as does the main room. Brother spawns, hide in safespot, put on mage, and kill. Repeat 3 more times, search for entrance to chest room and viola you've killed the 6 barrows for only 20-25k depending on how many mind/fire/air runes, arrows and prayer doses you used. PS Just as a little disclaimer, if you gave me some of these advices and feel you deserve credit (which I'm sure at least 1 person does) please post here and let me know, cuz I forgot what your name was... PSS If you noticed anything I missed, or should add or a new great cheaper way please let me know and I'll be very grateful to add it in. Thanks and happy Barrow hunting.
  4. so what I'm hearing is prayer pots, chaos gauntlets, fire bolt, bring melee for non-brothers, and also try to get 70 ranged to wear better ranged so I can not use prayer when fighting the magic brother.
  5. I've decided to start doing some barrow runs as they appear to be tons of fun. I have access to full rune, a dragon baxe, amulets (glory and down), tons of lobbies, full green dragonhide, magic short, mith (and down) arrows. If I need anything else I'm alotting a 500k budget, my skills are in the siggy, any and all advice is desired :). Looking for equipment set advice and battle plan advice, strategy on which guys to kill when, and which guys to skip, what a run should look like etc. thanks guys, tip.it forum is the place to go for advice :).
  6. combat sign up!!! RSN:I Need Equip Combat lv 82 (might go up, will stay under 90)
  7. Putting this down here (incase no one reads the original posting) and up top: I'm looking for something that will provide at least some xp as I find mercing a little redundant cuz money is only used for skill enhancement anyways :). So far rc'ing plus fletching seems like a good idea, might buy rune ess and yew logs though to speed things up. Opinions on that?
  8. is that the fastest way? seems like I could use my 500k buy yew logs and flax...and work it up from there (that's the one that hit me on the head, but I don't know if it'd be faster or not) any comments?
  9. Following the guidelines of AThousandLies sticky: Starting Budget: 500k Status: P2P Equipment: Rune Pickaxe/WC axe (any equipment that costs less then 100k) Levels are in signature, but I will have lvl 70 fletching within 2 days. Again, just looking to get 3 mil for an abyssal whip. EDIT: I'm looking for something that will provide at least some xp as I find mercing a little redundant cuz money is only used for skill enhancement anyways :).
  10. dont suppose anyone has any avantoe they could sell me as I couldn't id the herb if it dropped anywho. And thanks for the info.
  11. Where do I get avantoe herb and Myre Mort Mushrooms?
  12. How do I get there? Is there a quicker way then walking first around the swamp then "through" it?
  13. How do I get Guthans and whats so great about it?
  14. great article, love the cool calculated tone :). just wondering where the numbers came from :S, and what kind of economics background Duke has.
  15. Does silverlight still weaken demons? If so which ones? Including quest ones?
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