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  1. if thats you n yur friend in that rl pic you are one hella nerdy and weird looking person. try getting some contacts and some muscle you skinny freak.
  2. i have full everything... all are very easy to get.
  3. I recently started playing this text based game that my rl friend told me about... you can own your own kingdoms slay fiends for mystical items say beasts for gold and experience and fun stuff like that! heres the link! HumanEscape.com this is not a referral because it would have all that other numbers and letters at the end of the link o.O this game needs more active players =)
  4. this one gu was named smell my balls and this other guy pig benis
  5. Lol, i think buying/selling are the most overused phrases but they are used in the most frequent thing nearly everybody does in rs =P probobly wtf brb gtg are some overused ones also. and probobly ffs.
  6. Ok, In everybodies opinion, I would like to find out what phrase (besides lol) is the most overused on runescape =)
  7. Dust devil is a weird looking disformed sucker animal thingy? :-k
  8. this is what i think about this : :roll: and a big haha to yur loss \
  9. I didnt rebuild myself yet =P I have no money at all, i spent sooooo much on construction.
  10. LOL this seams hilarious and i cant wait till it happens. \ =P~ Its at 12:00 for me =)
  11. Set up anti-scam go to fally east world 2 and buy unids above ranarr 2kea, go to forums and set up an auction, highest i saw for as low as 2k herbs was 2.8kea 0.0 .
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