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  1. I know you can make 300k+ cooking EXP per hr making wine. I bought 25k grapes to get to lvl 94 cooking and I went to buy 25k jugs of water but none are selling in the G.E. Whats the fastest way to get 25k jugs of water?
  2. If you dont already know JaGeX is hiring french translators for runescape, just like they did when tey went German. What will be the next language for our favorite game? Click here for proof Most probable: dutch- a lot of people speek it, if you look runescape choose french and german before, both of those are close to england. chinese- there are a lot more chinese people then dutch, natuaraly making the game more larger. japanese- its a new fad that many teenagers want to learn, japan has a lot of people, and a lot of technology, making the game have more players PLEASE Do Not say country names: EX. Canadian, Australian, Brazilian, etc. Do NOT Say leet, 133T, or 1337, this is very slim due to the fact runescape uses good grammer (no offence) Do NOT Say fake countries for the love of the wize old man. He may get confused and use some prehistorical language, like goblin =]
  3. adding all to http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=731933 with all cedits to you
  4. added lots now, also adding penny wize leveling
  5. yes i shall (ur a staff so ur opinion meens a lot) i am collecting data, trying stuff out and asking people to help also, if u have anything let me know, i started this 20 minutes ago, off to bed
  6. i have a guide that covers everything, could i add this to mine, give u all cedit, and make it its own section u can veiw guide http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=731933
  7. adding still, all help exepted, need photos, finishing tommorow because im going to bed. The first part is copyed from the runescape site(will take a while to type out), most is mine The COMPLETE summoning guide (quest included) Table Of Contents 1. Quest guide 1.B) How to summon (incase the quest didnt help) 2. Familiars 3. Pouches 4. Scrolls 5. Pets 6.Items 7. Leveling 8.Charms (were to get) 9.Secondary items 10. Obelisks B1- my old speculation thread at the bottom B2 - Credits [hide=1. Quest guide (Wolf Wistle)] ^need pictures(will give credit)^ Quest: Wolf Wistle Requirements: None Starting Location: Taverny Items: 2-3 wolf bones (The best place to get them is in Canvis, if you dont want to go there, go to white wolf mountain. A few days after summoning it will be easyer to get bones on the mountain.) 1. First bank all items and withdraw your wolf bones. 2. Talk to Pikkupstix and he will tell you the wonders of summoning 3. Go upstairs and you will see a very wierd bunny. 4. Talk to Pikkupstix again and you will need your 2 wolf bones nows 5. He will tell you how to summon. He will give you items. HOLD ONTO THEM. Open the trap door behind him and go downstairs 6. click the obliete and clicked the lit up pouch, now you will have 2 wolf pouches 7. Use one pouch on the obliette to get 10 scrolls 8. Go talk to Pikkupstix again, he will tell you to go upstairs 9. go up, summon your spirit wolf and use the scroll on the beaver. Make sure you talk all the way threw the chat, or else you will have to do again. 10. Talk to Pikkupstix again and he will say to recharge your summoning 11. go downstairs and use the second option on the obliette to recharge prayer 12. talk to Pikkupstix again and your dome Reward: 1 Quest Point Ability to use Summoning 9 Howl Scrolls 275 Gold Charms 276 Summoning Exp [/hide] [hide=1.B) How to summon] [hide=Pouch Making] 1. Have 1 pouch, the secondary item (bones, bars, herb, etc.), and the right number of crystal shards 2. go to any obliesk (taverny is best for beginners) 3. make the pouch you want [/hide] [hide=How to make scrolls] 1. withdraw the pouch you want to make into a scroll 2.go to any obliesk(taverny is easyest) 3.use pouch on obliesk Note:this will get rid of your pouch, and will give you slightly more exp [/hide] [/hide] [hide=2. Familiar] Familiar Pouch Summoning Level Required Summoning Points Cost Experience for Summoning Abilities Spirit wolf 1 1 0.1 Fights (Level 15) Howl Dreadfowl 4 1 0.1 Fights (Level 17) Farming boost (1) Dreadfowl Strike Spirit spider 10 2 0.2 Fights (Level 23) Egg Spawn Thorny snail 13 2 0.2 Fights (Level 26) Beast of burden (1) Slime Spray Granite crab 16 2 0.2 Fights (Level 29) Fishing boost (1) - invisible Counts as a big net when Fishing Forager (1) - iron ore Stony Shell Desert wyrm 18 1 0.4 Fights (Level 30) Mining boost (1) - invisible Burrow - mines ores up to iron Electric Lash Spirit scorpion 19 2 0.9 Fights (Level 33) Venom Shot Albino rat 23 3 2.3 Fights (Level 36) Forager (5) - stores cheese after scroll use Cheese Feast Spirit kalphite 25 3 2.5 Fights (Level 38) Beast of burden (2) Sandstorm Compost mound 28 6 0.6 Fights (Level 41) Farming boost (1 + 2% of your level) Forager (5) - various composts and seeds Use a bucket on your compost mound to get compost - deals 2 damage to your familiar Generate Compost Vampire bat 31 4 1.5 Fights (Level 44) Light enhancer Vampire Touch Honey badger 32 4 1.6 Fights (Level 45) Insane Ferocity Beaver 33 4 0.7 Woodcutting boost (2) - invisible Fletcher - counts as a knife for Fletching purposes Forager (5) - produces logs when near trees Multichop Bronze minotaur 36 9 3.6 Fights (Level 49) Bronze Bull Rush Bull ant 40 5 0.6 Fights (Level 43) Beast of burden (3) Unburden Macaw 41 5 0.8 Remote view Improved herb drops Forager (1) - herbs Herbcall Evil turnip 42 5 2.1 Fights (Level 56) Forager (2) - evil turnip slices Can heal itself slightly when using Ranged attacks Evil Flames Spirit cockatrice (and variants) (and variants) 43 5 0.9 Fights (Level 56-58 - depends on type) Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type) Forager (1) - cockatrice eggs Petrifying Gaze Iron minotaur 46 9 4.6 Fights (Level 59) Iron Bull Rush Magpie 47 5 0.9 Forager (2) - jewellery Thieving Fingers Bloated leech 49 5 2.4 Fights (Level 62) Blood Drain Spirit terrorbird 52 6 0.8 Fights (Level 67) Beast of burden (4) Tireless Run Abyssal parasite 54 6 1.1 Fights (Level 67) Slowed abyssal Prayer drain Beast of burden (2) - stores unnoted rune and pure essence Abyssal Drain Spirit jelly 55 6 5.5 Fights (Level 58) Dissolve Steel minotaur 56 9 5.6 Fights (Level 69) Steel Bull Rush Ibis 56 6 1.1 Fishing boost (3) - invisible Counts as a harpoon for catching tuna and swordfish Forager (5) - stores fish it catches Fish Rain Karamthulhu overlord 58 6 5.8 Fights (Level 76) Right-click Drown - hits opponent with a water spell Doomsphere Device Smoke devil 61 7 3 Fights (Level 64) Right-click Flames - hits opponent with a fire spell Dust Cloud Abyssal lurker 62 7 1.9 Fights (Level 75) Beast of burden (3) - unnoted rune and pure essence Abyssal Stealth Spirit cobra 63 7 3.1 Fights (Level 76) Ophidian Incubation Stranger plant 64 7 3.2 Fights (Level 77) Farming boost (1 + 4% of your level) Forager (2) - strange fruit Poisonous Blast Mithril minotaur 66 9 6.6 Fights (Level 79) Mithril Bull Rush Barker toad 66 7 1 Fights (Level 79) Right-click Cannon - must be 'loaded' with a cannonball Toad Bark War tortoise 67 7 0.7 Fights (Level 80) Beast of burden (6) Testudo Bunyip 68 7 1.4 Fights (Level 68) Use raw fish on the bunyip to turn them into water runes Swallow Whole Fruit bat 69 7 1.4 Light enchancer Fly - gathers fruit in Karamja Forager (7) - fruit when in Karamja Fruitfall Arctic bear 71 8 1.1 Fights (Level 84) Counts as two pieces of arctic camouflage Arctic Blast Granite lobster 74 8 3.7 Fights (Level 83) Fishing boost (4) - invisible Counts as harpoon for catching sharks Forager (5) - stores sharks it catches Crushing Claw Praying mantis 75 8 3.6 Fights (Level 88) Mantis Strike Adamant minotaur 76 9 7.6 Fights (Level 89) Adamant Bull Rush Giant ent 78 8 1.6 Fights (Level 91) Forager (10) - produces oak logs Nature link - can convert pure essence into nature or earth runes Acorn Missile Hydra 80 9 1.6 Fights (Level 93) Regrowth Spirit dagannoth 82 9 4.1 Fights (Level 95) Ferocious - chance of attacking again without delay [bleep]e Shot Rune minotaur 86 9 8.6 Fights (Level 99) Rune Bull Rush Unicorn stallion 88 9 1.8 Fights (Level 101) Right-click Cure - cures poison and disease Healing Aura Wolpertinger 92 10 4.6 Fights (Level 105) Hunter boost (5) - invisible Grants you a 5% Defence bonus against Magic Double experience and yield when harvesting berries Magic Focus Pack yak 96 10 4.8 Fights (Level 109) Beast of burden (10) Winter Storage [/hide] [hide=3. Pouches] Bellow is a list of the familliar pouches Pouch Summoning Level Required Components Summoning Experience Gained Spirit wolf 1 Spirit shard x 7 Gold charm Wolf bones 4.8 Dreadfowl 4 Spirit shard x 8 Gold charm Raw chicken 9.3 Spirit spider 10 Spirit shard x 8 Gold charm Spider carcass 12.6 Thorny snail 13 Spirit shard x 9 Gold charm Raw thin snail 12.6 Granite crab 16 Spirit shard x 7 Gold charm Iron ore 21.6 Desert wyrm 18 Spirit shard x 45 Green charm Bucket of sand 31.2 Spirit scorpion 19 Spirit shard x 57 Crimson charm Bronze claws 83.2 Albino rat 23 Spirit shard x 75 Blue charm Raw rat meat 202.4 Spirit kalphite 25 Spirit shard x 51 Blue charm Potato cactus 220 Compost mound 28 Spirit shard x 47 Green charm Compost 49.8 Vampire bat 31 Spirit shard x 81 Crimson charm Vampire dust 136 Honey badger 32 Spirit shard x 84 Crimson charm Honeycomb 140.8 Beaver 33 Spirit shard x 72 Green charm Willow logs 57.6 Bronze minotaur 36 Spirit shard x 102 Blue charm Bronze bar 316.8 Bull ant 40 Spirit shard x 11 Gold charm Marigolds 52.8 Macaw 41 Spirit shard x 78 Green charm Guam 72.4 Evil turnip 42 Spirit shard x 104 Crimson charm Carved turnip 184.8 Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 43 Spirit shard x 88 Green charm Cockatrice egg (or variant) 75.2 Iron minotaur 46 Spirit shard x 125 Blue charm Iron bar 404.8 Magpie 47 Spirit shard x 88 Green charm Gold ring 83.2 Bloated leech 49 Spirit shard x 117 Crimson charm Raw beef 215.2 Spirit terrorbird 52 Spirit shard x 12 Gold charm Raw bird meat 68.4 Abyssal parasite 54 Spirit shard x 106 Green charm Abyssal charm 94.8 Spirit jelly 55 Spirit shard x 151 Blue charm Jug of water 484 Ibis 56 Spirit shard x 109 Green charm Harpoon 98.8 Steel minotaur 56 Spirit shard x 141 Blue charm Steel bar 492.8 Karamthulhu overlord 58 Spirit shard x 144 Blue charm Empty fishbowl 510.4 Smoke devil 61 Spirit shard x 141 Crimson charm Goat's horn dust 268 Abyssal lurker 62 Spirit shard x 119 Green charm Abyssal charm 163.2 Spirit cobra 63 Spirit shard x 116 Crimson charm Snake hide 276.8 Stranger plant 64 Spirit shard x 128 Crimson charm Bagged plant 281.6 Barker toad 66 Spirit shard x 10 Gold charm Bloated toad 87 Mithril minotaur 66 Spirit shard x 152 Blue charm Mithril bar 580.8 War tortoise 67 Spirit shard x 1 Gold charm Tortoise shell 58.6 Bunyip 68 Spirit shard x 110 Green charm Raw shark 119.2 Fruit bat 69 Spirit shard x 130 Green charm Banana 121.2 Arctic bear 71 Spirit shard x 14 Gold charm Polar kebbit fur 93.2 Granite lobster 74 Spirit shard x 166 Crimson charm Granite (500g) 325.6 Praying mantis 75 Spirit shard x 168 Crimson charm Red flowers 329.6 Adamant minotaur 76 Spirit shard x 144 Blue charm Adamantite bar 668.8 Giant ent 78 Spirit shard x 94 Green charm Willow branch 136.8 Hydra 80 Spirit shard x 128 Green charm Water orb 140.8 Spirit dagannoth 82 Spirit shard x 1 Crimson charm Dagannoth hide 364.8 Rune minotaur 86 Spirit shard x 1 Blue charm Runite bar 756.8 Unicorn stallion 88 Spirit shard x 140 Green charm Unicorn horn 154.4 Wolpertinger 92 Spirit shard x 203 Crimson charm Raw rabbit Wolf bones 404.8 Pack yak 96 Spirit shard x 211 Crimson charm Yak hide 422.4 [/hide] [hide=4. Scrolls] Scroll Pouch Required Summoning Level Required Summoning Experience for Transforming(per 10 scrolls) Special Move Special Move Points Summoning Experience Gained for Activating Howl Spirit wolf 1 0.1 Causes NPC foes to flee 3 0.1 Dreadfowl Strike Dreadfowl 4 0.1 Magic attack that inflicts up to 3 damage 3 0.1 Egg Spawn Spirit spider 10 0.2 Creates a random number of red spider eggs 6 0.2 Slime Spray Thorny snail 13 0.2 Attack that inflicts up to 8 damage 3 0.2 Stony Shell Granite crab 16 0.2 Boosts your Defence 12 0.2 Electric Lash Desert wyrm 18 0.4 Magic attack that inflicts one damage and stuns your opponent 6 0.4 Venom Shot Spirit scorpion 19 0.9 Has a chance of making your next Ranged attack mildly poisonous, provided the ammunition you are using can be poisoned 6 1 Cheese Feast Albino rat 23 2.3 Fills the rat's inventory with cheese 6 2.3 Sandstorm Spirit kalphite 25 2.5 Strikes up to 5 nearby opponents for up to 2 damage 6 2.5 Generate Compost Compost mound 28 0.6 Fills a nearby compost bin with compost with the chance of creating supercompost 12 0.6 Vampire Touch Vampire bat 31 1.5 Inflicts up to 12 damage on an opponent, with a chance of restoring 2 of your Hitpoints 4 1.6 Insane Ferocity Honey badger 32 1.6 Reduces your Defence, Magic and Ranged to increase your Attack and Strength 12 1.6 Multichop Beaver 33 0.7 Cuts up to 3 logs from a nearby tree 3 0.7 Bronze Bull Rush Bronze minotaur 36 3.6 Magical attack that does up to 4 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 3.6 Unburden Bull ant 40 0.6 Restores run energy based on your Agility 12 0.6 Herbcall Macaw 41 0.8 Chance of creating herbs 12 0.8 Evil Flames Evil turnip 42 2.1 Magic attack that drains the target's Ranged skill 6 2.1 Petrifying gaze Spirit cockatrice (and variants) 43 0.9 Deals up to 5 damage against an opponent, as well as reducing a combat skill (varies by type of cockatrice) 3 0.9 Iron Bull Rush Iron minotaur 46 4.6 Magical attack that does up to 6 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 4.6 Thieving Fingers Magpie 47 0.9 2 point Thieving boost 12 0.9 Blood Drain Bloated leech 49 2.4 Heals stat damage, poison and disease at the cost of Hitpoints 6 2.5 Tireless Run Spirit terrorbird 52 0.8 2 point Agility boost, and restores your run energy based on your normal Agility 8 0.8 Abyssal Drain Abyssal parasite 54 1.1 Magic-based attack that drains opponent's Prayer 6 1.1 Dissolve Spirit jelly 55 5.5 A Magic attack that inflicts up to 7 damage and drains the target's Attack 6 5.5 Steel Bull Rush Steel minotaur 56 5.6 Magical attack that does up to 9 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 5.6 Fish Rain Ibis 56 1.1 Produces fish up to cod 12 1.1 Doomsphere Device Karamthulhu overlord 58 5.8 Inflicts up to 16 damage on the target 3 5.8 Dust Cloud Smoke devil 61 3 Inflicts up to 3 damage on up to 6 adjacent opponents 6 3.1 Abyssal Stealth Abyssal lurker 62 1.9 4 point boost to both Agility and Thieving 20 1.9 Ophidian Incubation Spirit cobra 63 3.1 Turns an egg into a cockatrice egg 3 3.2 Poisonous Blast Stranger plant 64 3.2 Attack with 50% chance of poisoning your opponent and inflicting 2 damage 6 3.2 Mithril Bull Rush Mithril minotaur 66 6.6 Magical attack that does up to 12 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 6.6 Toad Bark Barker toad 66 1 Inflicts up to 18 damage on your opponent 6 1 Testudo War tortoise 67 0.7 Boosts your Defence significantly 20 0.7 Swallow Whole Bunyip 68 1.4 Allows you to eat an uncooked fish, assuming you have the level to cook it 3 1.4 Fruitfall Fruit bat 69 1.4 Produces random fruit nearby 6 1.4 Arctic Blast Arctic bear 71 1.1 Magical attack that does up to 11 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 1.1 Crushing Claw Granite lobster 74 3.7 Inflicts up to 14 damage, as well as removing up to 5 Defence from your opponent 6 3.7 Mantis Strike Praying mantis 75 3.7 Binds, causes Magic-based damage and drains target player's Prayer 6 3.8 Adamant Bull Rush Adamant minotaur 76 7.6 Magical attack that does up to 16 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 7.6 Acorn Missile Giant ent 78 1.6 Inflicts up to 11 damage on up to 3 opponents. Chance of acorns being dropped 6 1.6 Regrowth Hydra 80 1.6 Chance of replicating standard fruit or vegetables in your inventory 6 1.6 [bleep]e Shot Spirit dagannoth 82 4.1 Ranged attack that inflicts up to 18 damage and stuns your opponent 6 4.2 Rune Bull Rush Rune minotaur 86 8.6 Magical attack that does up to 19 damage, with a chance of stunning your opponent 6 8.6 Healing Aura Unicorn stallion 88 1.8 Heals up to 15% of your Hitpoints 20 1.8 Magic Focus Wolpertinger 92 4.6 Boosts your Magic level significantly 20 4.6 Winter Storage Pack yak 96 4.8 Pack yak banks one random item in its inventory. The pack yak must have a full inventory 12 4.8 [/hide] [hide=5.Pets] Pet Summoning Level Required Source Notes Adult Form Bulldog 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Dalmatian 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Greyhound 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Labrador 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Sheepdog 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Terrier 1 Pet shops Eats raw meat (not fish) Gecko 10 Caught using Hunter Eats flies and beetle bits Penguin 30 Available from Ardougne Zoo Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats raw fish Giant crab 40 Purchased from mogres Eats raw fish Raven 50 Birds' nests Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats ground Fishing bait as a chick Eats Fishing bait when adult Squirrel 60 Caught using Hunter Eats nuts Guthix raptor * 70 Birds' nests Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats ground Fishing bait as a chick Eats Fishing bait when older Saradomin owl * 70 Birds' nests Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats ground Fishing bait as a chick Eats Fishing bait when older Zamorak hawk * 70 Birds' nests Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats ground Fishing bait as a chick Eats Fishing bait when older Raccoon 80 Caught using Hunter Eats raw meat and fish Vulture 85 Vulture drop Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats ground Fishing bait as a chick Eats Fishing bait when adult Chameleon 90 Eggs can found on Cairn Isle Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats flies Monkey 95 Caught using Hunter Eats bananas Baby dragon 99 Dragon drop Egg must be incubated at a pet shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eats vast quantities of raw meat, fish or chicken [/hide] [hide=6.Items] Pouches Summoning pouches are an essential for summoners. Without them, you would be unable to summon even the smallest spirit wolf, let alone a mighty wolpertinger. Pouches can be purchased from a Summoning shop. Spirit Shards Spirit shards are curious artefacts that are used to hold the essence of a familiar in the RuneScape world. Without them, no Summoning would be possible. Spirit shards can be purchased from a Summoning shop. Charms Charms are odd trinkets that are used to define the types of familiar that can be infused into a Summoning pouch. If you consider the fact that you are infusing a spirit from another realm into a pouch, the danger of Summoning without a charm is obvious... [/hide] [hide=7. Leveling] [hide=Power Leveling] Bellow is some easy ways to power level, if you have a way I WILL ADD as long as its good. Before people yell at me, when you turn your pouch into a scroll u get .something exp. [hide=Levels 4 - 16] First you need 350 raw chickens, sounds hard? Not at all, first go to canfis (on the east side of verrok) and buy them, they are 1gp ea, they also sell beef, raw rat, and raw bear) Now go to fally bank everything and withdraw 100k. Buy 1k pouches (1k total), and spend the rest on crystal shards. Basicly have all your charms, shards, and pouches in your inventory, your other 25 items will be raw chickens Now make 25 Dreadfowl pouches, then use the pouch on the avitar to get even more exp. When you run out of gold charms, go to the Khazard Battlefield and kill Khazard Troopers till you get 35 gold seals (may take a bit) Now use some seals till your 16 summoning. Dont use the extra ones. [/hide] [hide=Levels 16-25] From now on you want to use all seals, to get seals kill any type of giant, or any slayer monster, i personaly kill Baskalisks. with the rest of your gold seals, make Granite crab pouches. Bellow are the best things to do with your seals Gold Charm: Granite crab Green charm: Desert wyrm Crimson charm: Spirit scorpion Blue charm: Albino rat until you can do Spirit Kalphite [/hide] [hide=level 25+] Now that you get the hang of it, try doing the highest ones you can. Pick what ones help you the best, will edit this when more info is avalable [/hide] [/hide] [hide=Fastest Summoning Exp] by: rncd147 [hide]The Fast but costly Method [hide]Requirements: Watch Tower quest Wolf Whistle A lot of money Inventory Spirit Shards Pouches Charms 2nd Ingridients A lot of money First tele to the Watch Tower and make your way to the bank. There withdraw the listed iteims and in the free space have the unnoted 2nd ingridients. After getting the needed inventory go to the obelesk located neer the Ogre City gate. Infuse the pouches and head to the general store in the city. There sell the Infused pouches and unnote the 2nd ingridients through selling and buying them back. Go back to the obelisk and Infuse. repeat untill 99 Summoning :D Pros: Easy and Fast exp. Cons: Costs a lot[/hide] The slower but cheaper Method [hide]Requirements: Swan Song Get to the wood lands hunting area. Fairy ring code AKQ. Head to the bank have the needed iteims in inventory and head to the obelisk which is located just south-west of the entrance to the fishing colony. This method should be used if the 2nd ingridinets are pricy and unnoting them through selling costs too much.[/hide][/hide] [/hide] [hide=Money Wize Leveling] This is an abreviated guide on how to raise summoning slower, but cheaper. level 4 - 10 Dreadfowl ----! [/hide] [/hide] [hide=8. Charms (were to get)] So you just got to level 14 - 16 and you relised you have no more gold charms left. Now the skill is slower and you need to so some old fation monster summoning. Jagex Said that these are good charm dropers: Fire giants Ice giants Ogres and jogres Blue dragons Basilisks (slayer) Bloodveld (slayer) Ive tried fire and i didnt like the drop rate, basiliks are personaly my favorite. Some People have found better ones. Bellow are them all, if you have one submit please. Khazard warriors (in Khazard Battlefield)**drops lots of gold charms dust devils (slayer) Fastest Charm Collection [hide]Inventory High defence armor Best weapon Cannon Cannon balls RoW Some food A couple of spaces should be left free since u will get some good herb and seed drops What to do Go to the Ice Caves, which are located South of Falador. By far these are the best in the lvl to charm drop ratio. I meen it is possible to kill fire giants but I prefer these since they are some what lower lvl and drop around the same amount of charms. Set up your cannon in the eastern part of the cave near the giants. Killing these with the cannon is really fast. Don't hesitate to kill the ice warriors since they also drop a good amount of charms. The kill to drop ration for charms is around 4:5 with RoW. after an hour i ended up with 107 gold 9 crimson 1 blue and 4 green and got 3 spirit weed seeds. Attention Dont forget to check under rune drops since the runes are biger than chrams and you are not able to see if a charm was droped. so mak sure you check every drop.[/hide] [/hide] [hide=9. Sencondary items] Bellow is a list of items needed to summon a monster. wolf bones - kill wolfs, kill werewolfs, but best place is to pick bones up from the dead skeleton lying there on the mountain raw chicken - buy in canfis for 1gp, if not kill your own spider carcases- kill jungle spiders in the N W tip of brimhaven, north of the dungeon, W and a little N of the boat. raw thin snail - kill snails iron ore - mine a bunch fast, or try and get some in exchange bucket of sand - finish hand in the sand to get 86 buckets of sand sent to your bank a day, or use a bucket with sand box on entria. bronze claws - buy in exchange or make (make is better because its a hot item now) raw rat meat- buy in canfis meat shop for 1gp, or kill rats in verrock sewers potato cactus- pick up in kalphite dungeon, or buy on exchange compost- buy for 50gp at farming store, or make your own vampire dust - kill vampires honeycomb - **not sure willow logs - woodcut, buy in exchange bronze bar- buy in shilo general store, smith your own, buy in exchange marigolds - farm, buy in exchange guam - droped by many monsters, buy in exchange wicked turnip - buy or farm an evil turnip and use a knife with it cocatrice egg- dropped by cocatrice iron bar - smith it, buy it gold ring - nests, smith, buy for cheap raw beef - buy in canfis, kill cows raw bird meat - kill birds (not chickens) Abyssal charm - *need info* jug of water - buy in exchange, or buy empty jugs at general store harpoon - buy at fishing stores steel bar - smith it, buy it empty fish bowl - craft it, buy it goat's horn dust - kill a goat for its horn, ground the horn snake hide - kill snakes, tan hide bagged plant - buy from falidor farmer bloated toad - get from chompy hunting mithirl bar - smith it, buy it tortise shell - kill tortises in gnome areas raw shark - fish it, buy it banana - pick it, grow it, buy it polar kebbit fur - buy it, get from summoning granite (500g) - mine it, buy it red flowers - buy for 12gp (need place name), grow it adamite bar - smith it, mine it willow branch - clip a willow tree YOU planted water ord - craft it, or buy it dragonnoth hide - kill dragonoths, buy it rune bar - smith it, buy it unicorn horn - kill unicorns, buy it raw rabbit - kill rabits Yak hide - kill Yaks [/hide] [hide=Obelisks] Taverley Summoning obelisk and shop The obelisk is located beneath Pikkupstix's house. Gu'Tanoth Summoning obelisk and shop Located just before the gates into Gu'Tanoth. Mort Myre Summoning obelisk and shop Located in the Nature Spirit's grotto. Isafdar Summoning obelisk Located just inside the Underground Pass. Brimhaven Summoning obelisk Located west of Brimhaven. Piscatoris Summoning obelisk Located in a cave south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Kharidian Desert Summoning obelisk Located in a cave south-west of Pollnivneach. [/hide] ----! [hide=B1 -MY thoughts before summoning was released] Are You Ready For Summoning? The Best Way To Prepare. There is a few ways to get ready for summoning. First you will need to finish Wolf Wistle quest to do summoning Also if you look on the picture in summoning development # 4, you will see that Summoning is coming out next week! a leaked image or summoning icon in stats, ty draynor.net Section 1 : The supplies Section 2 : Prerequisite skills / quests Section 3 : Summoning equiptment / starting items Section 4 : Spoilers / what we know Section 5 : Feedback Section 1 : The supplies Since summoning is in every skill, you may want to stock up, because you dont know how much they will help you (pets). Only buy the things that you want to train. [hide=Skills and recomended items] Agility - You cant realy prepare for this, finishing monkey madness, getting a few hundred cakes, and some grappling hooks are all you can do. Combat - Get super sets (if your high lvl), food, best armour, wepons, finish any quests that open up new areas ( shilo village, legends, underground pass, etc.), and get ready for some combat lvl ups. Construction - Buy a few extra planks, limestone, and any other suplies. Cooking - Get some extra raw fish Crafting - Extra hides, gold bars, any thing that you can use to lvl. Farming - buy seeds and a bunch of compost, who knows how this skill will be improved. Firemaking - buy a tinderbox Fishing - complete barbarian fishing training, buy every fishing device Fletching - get a knife Herblore - keep some unid pots, u never know the new summoning boosts that are involved, Hunter - buy some supplies, especialy nets Magic - get a few thousand of the basic runes, get extra nats and laws. Mining - buy a extra pick Prayer - get some bones, but dont bury Ranged - get arrows, bows, and d hide Runecrafting - get talismans, tiaras and essence, before price increases Slayer - slayer exipment Smithing - dont smith ur bars, keep extra ores Thieving - get gloves of silence Woodcutting - an axe[/hide] Section 2 : Prerequisite skills / quests Bellow is some quests and skills that you might want to have or complete. As peopl have been yelling at me, hunter DOES tie into summoning a lot,mespecialy high lvls, so turn chat off, get 100gp, grab a net with soe traps and spend 1 hr getting 50 - 55 hunter from lvl 1. [hide=Quests] Legends, heros (new items), recepie for disaster, underground pass, witches hous, Cold War (the penguin quest, for penguin eggs maybe), Eagles' Peak (because summoning will tie in with hunter a lot), and any quests that gives you acess to new areas Lke herblore, and runecrafting, there will be a quest that needs completing to start rasing summoning.[/hide] [hide=Skills] 30 + (at least) in everything, 55+ is beter, 60 prayer ( for protection from summoned monsters), 75 incase theres higher requirements for new prayers[/hide] Section 3 : Summoning equiptment / starting items [hide=Eggs] Jagex released a few new items. It would be gould if you get 10 of the following eggs ( before skill comes out) :penguin, raven and vulture, and regular coloured eggs. Raven, and regular coloured eggs are all from bird nests. Vulture eggs are avalible from killing vultures a little north on agility pyramid. It takes 5min. - 40min. to get a egg, but its worth it. I am personaly getting 50 vulture eggs. [/hide] [hide=Items] If you read the last development diary, there is a answe to a anagram, it reveals "nets" and some "granite", the granite mostly refers to the rock ( mined in desert). Lots of cash, 100k if your low level, i personaly saved 3mil becasue i want 80 summoning by febuary 1st. Every 8 summoning levels is 1 cb lvl. [/hide] Section 4 : Spoilers / what we know Bellow is information that may spoil your experiance, that is if you want it to be a suprise. [hide=Spoilers] 1. 25 new familiars , and 47 variations of pets and familiars will be released in febuary 2.summoning monsters are in pouches in your inventory, like cats or fish 3.Each creature has unique Summoning requirements, special moves, abilities, distinct personalities and hidden chat options 4. please post some more.. [/hide] Section 5 : Feedback None yet Add this to your signature [url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?p=5604052#5604052]Are You Ready For Summoning?[/url] Links to other Summoning Reads 1.http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?p=5607866#5607866 2.http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?p=5607872#5607872 3.http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=718 ... sc&start=0 4.http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=730813 Made by: Kingryanj Corrections / help by(decent contrabution) :elementz_m, everyone basicly * yes i did at the hunter importance bit [/hide] B2- Credits Credits: Me, Jagex, rncd147 (helped a lot)
  8. i know i wont be 80 by feb, but with 5 days of no school after exams, and the 5mil i have now, but it is said that its slow exp
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