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  1. It was a great fight even with the overload of random events which occured a minute before you guys attacked! lol. Thanks for the great fight, Good job Gladz on the win. Gladz # 1 I love you guys :wub:
  2. Congrats TD on your win. Gladz, you guys did a great job. I'm proud of every one of you!
  3. The flaming started at the very beginning when people started making excuses to why they lost. Enough of the proving points and flaming. We won this war, thanks to our members for being there, supporting us, training nonstop and for being loyal to The Gladz. I wont say who is more active Gladz or ZF, I can only speak for Gladz, we have a very active clan, our members are close and family to one another. We have many events and activities. Many of our members have been around for years, and the founders from the very beginning are still going strong to this day! I am so proud of The Gladiatorz, they fought with Honor, that is all that matters to me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Tipit took my sig away :( ~Proud Leader of The Gladiatorz~
  4. Ok everyone who showed up post here now Stop making up excuses and pointing fingers... Face it, it was a great war, and Gladz shined once again! Congrats Gladiatorz!
  5. Speaking of propaganda, we had some great ones like this: lmao - by propaganda i meant just by word of mouth. ive only been playing runescape for 6 months, in clan for 3. only time i ever see gladz is on pk trips where we outnumber them. only things i hear about gladz are from zf saying they suck and they are all low levels.. Then you heard wrong :) Our minimum HP req is 78, but all of the members that were in Gladz prior to the increase stayed so we do have some members below the HP req, but they are still valuable members to us :) ------------------------------------------------------------------ -Tipit took my sig away :( ~Proud Leader of The Gladiatorz~
  6. well.. we did beat you didnt we :) Now you know 20 plus people can stand on one spot.
  7. Those pictures are awesome! Gladz did a great job, awesome team work guys, celebrate this victory!
  8. Gladz did not loose 80-90 people, we came with 110, and left with about 85-90. because they all walked backup :roll: Now Tombo that is BS and you know it! It's rediculous that you can't accept defeat and the fact that this was an honest war.
  9. Theres always one... there was more than one member from other alliance clans.. :P Who? polixo again. nobody except of gladz were at the war. polixo didnt came cause sneaky told him not to come. I refer you to here http://invisionfree.com/forums/Gladiato ... opic=15700 I saw polixo and told him he was not invited to this war and if Gladz saw him out in wild he would get piled. He did not come. ... on another note about 20 Gladz died in this war.
  10. Theres always one... there was more than one member from other alliance clans.. :P DO NOT EVEN PULL THIS, THIS TIME. THE ALLIANCE WAS NOT THERE. What is it, you can't accept defeat? You have to accuse once again? This was a fair war, you even had a spy on our boards! We won fair! ACCEPT IT. We had a great turnout by our members and they trained very hard for this moment. Give them that. Do not disgrace us because you are upset for your loss!
  11. This was an awesome war, I am so proud of The Gladiatorz, you pulled through for your leaders, your peers, for yourselves, you did an excellent job !
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