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  1. yup handy guy got it right that what i did, and check the picture it might to big and make your forum mess up
  2. GJ. we should have a 5vs5 too my clan just open and still new hehe 8-)
  3. Clan name: Living Legacy Clan website: Clan Web Site Clan leaders: F_C_D_D F2p clan cape color: Red P2p clan cape color: Red Number of Members: 10 Members Average Combat level: 109 combat average Recent Events Record: none yet Well this clan got closed once in 2005 and now all the members try to get back together and open the clan, it still new but we getting alot members and it will be a very active pk clan. 8-) oh forgot to mention that most of the members will be 110s and 120s O:)
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