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    kind of off topic, sorry, but what is it about lvl 68 summoning that makes it so that you do not need guthans?
  2. The guide just says I need the greegrees and to get the corpses, so I have to go kill them? If i go to ape atoll now in human form what happens? Do i not get thrown in jail?
  3. In Recipe For Disaster, I am on the giant filled snake for Awowogei, I need a bunch of different monekey greegrees, I lost the only monkey greegree I had which was just a normal one, let alone all the other ones, gorilla etc.. What is the easiest way to get the greegrees? Thanks.
  4. that's very helpfull thank you but I need to get the Salve Shard first. where do i get it???
  5. I've lost my Salve Amulet(e) and need to get another shard then enchant it, where do I get the shard again? and where do I get the book again to enchant it? Thanks.
  6. cd89

    Mithril Ore

    I've noticed Mith Ore has dropped under the price of coal. I don't know how to access the charts showing the trends on the g.e, but is mith going to come back up? Or has is been cheaper then coal for a while now?
  7. oh another thing, how about quest rewards such as the accumulator??
  8. ya that's what I'm thinking, does anyone know if I can get items back that gave warnings when dropping them?
  9. does anyone know what the process in getting P2P items back would be??
  10. About 3 months ago I ended my P2P subscription, and dropped all of my items in order to have bank space to play F2P. Many of those items gave warnings before dropping then I can't get them back, and many I would need for future quests. If I start playing P2P again, how can I get those items back? for example one I can remember was the salve amulet, others were keys and quest items. Thanks.
  11. GE merching is dead? thats news.. and I was looking for something 2 do with my money while I'm training, so basically on GE.. so there's nothing like that?
  12. melt bars? what's that for? (I've been out of RS last 3 months) and any other suggestions? are there any good ways to merch rares on GE?
  13. I am currently f2p and don't want my money to just sit around in the bank while I don't need it for items, any advice on the best item, and way, to merch with my cash available (35m) Thank.
  14. I've bought a full black d'hide set from the grand exchange.. the problem is that its come in a box like it shows in the exchange, no equipment to actually wield, did i buy the wrong thing? or do I have to do something to wield this?
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