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  1. Once again I'm not playing much. It's been two levels the last two months (except for these two days) and since I don't have a credit card of my own, I now owe my sisters boyfriend money for half a years membership. :) I realised that yesterday, so I sold my p2p-stuffs, got 70 Summoning and cancelled my membership. Also note the Combatlevel. :) Might see you in the future, ciao for now.
  2. It's 8.22 gp/xp as of now. Super defences are 7.27 gp/xp and over twice as fast. Well, I would've had to restock about 3-5 times+ if I'd have used super defences. I don't want that.
  3. Well, as I said in another reply, I thought "I'm not playing anymore anyway, so why not spend all my cash?". I didn't care about money at all. :P And I'd rather bank all 26k pots at once instead of banking 2k at a time, even though that probably would've required less time (since I wouldnt have to empty any pots, and make less pots) and less money. I couldnt bother to buy ingredients, make pots, sell, buy ingredients, make pots, sell etc.
  4. Thank you, Albert. :) It's allways nice to get replies from you. :) I'll try and remember to add you the next time I log on, if you wish? Next up is 81 Herblore, and probably 93 Mining and 95 Woodcutting. I used to be bored of Mining, but I got 33k xp today by just trying and max xp/h. It's..fun! :D ANd I'm only ~220k from level I think.
  5. I've "quit"..probably ten times by now. This time I quit for 2-3 months I think. What happend was that I was 3k from 92 Hitpoints, and that was my only 90+ that wasnt 92+. So I got it, looked at my Herblore and thought "what the heck, I've allways loved Herblore so why not get 81?". So I did (and will finish it in a couple of days or so, when I can bother). Unfortunately, adze made me want to get 95 Woodcutting and 93 Mining (maxed 90,4k/h @ woodcutting and 63k/h @ mining). And after that, I'll probably think of more stats to get. Nowadays, I play if I want to play and I dont play if I dont want to play. It's as simple as that. :P
  6. Since I didnt care about how much money I lost, I only looked at how much I could stock at a time. Im making Serum 207, but I wouldn't really recommend them. It's only ~110k xp/h and you have to empty the pots yourself if you want to get the money back for your vials. They are untradeable (and also impossible to note). 71-81 Herblore (as I said, I have one level left to get = 81) required 26089 serum 207, so that's 26089 pots to empty by hand. Fortunately for me, I've allready emptied 19k pots since I only had to re-use my 10k vials. Couldnt afford 26k.
  7. Down to a +- 2m bankvalue after this. 1 level to go. 80+ #18 Also got adze yesterday.
  8. Gin, 90-->94 was done in f2p. ;) The rest was done in p2p. I'll add you when I get on ;) Bruno, I saw you too. :) I really liked your untrimmed hp-cape at your combat, but I couldnt bother to check your other combatstats. And its crafting actually. :) Thanks.
  9. Thank you very much for the kind replies. :) Jokemaster, I dont have a blog anymore. ;)
  10. 1. History 2. Levels 3. Drops and Charms 4. Whats next? 1. History First of all, Im very proud to have achieved this goal. Everyone that knows me well can confirm that Im good at setting goals which I never finish. I like to set goals because even if I dont finish them, Ive come closer to finish them later on. So why did I finish this goal? Well When coming back to RuneScape after a small break, I decided Id start fishing. I started at around 250k from 96 I think, so I got that pretty quick. A number of people told me to get 99, but I always told them that I was just going to fish until I got bored. I ended up with 3 new daily records of 450k xp (Four of my top 5 fishingxp/24h is 450k xp, the other one is 456k) and 960k from 99, so I decided Id get 2000 Total with that. I promised myself a long long time ago to get 2000 Total with a 99. Since I was going to get 83 Slayer and 80 Agility as spare-levels anyway (hence that I was 98 Fishing but only 1984 Total), I decided those were going to be a part of my 1-man party aswell. And as I was 20k from 74 Farming and wanted to get 100k+ Farmingxp in a day (for individual highscores on Runemonkey), 75 Farming became a fourth level to get at my little party. So 75 Farming, 80 Agility, 83 Slayer and 99 Fishing.. Thats four nice milestones, dont you think? 2000 Total has never been a real dream-goal of mine. If its one level Ive always wanted to get, its 1800 Total. Im pretty sure thats because of Oddfaery2. He got 1800 Total..at some point (cant even remember with what skill/level) and that got stuck in my head for some reason. You see, he was my secret role-model when I was around 1k-1,2k total. I dont know why, I just thought he was really cool. 1800 Total was at the time also, in my opinion, the level separating the average player from the really skilled players. 1800 Total was achieved, together with 90 Mining. I was tired of RuneScape at the time and decided to quit right after leveling, ending my journey when I had reached my most longterm goal ever (since I set it 800 levels before I got it) But, as you can see, I came back. No real surprise, since that was just one of my attempts to quit. Ive tried to a lot of times. Between 1800-1875 Total, I only got 3 Slayerlevels, getting me to level 73. After that, though, I got more involved with combat. I started slaying just a couple of days before the release of Summoning, and raised my level from 73 to 80. That gave me 81 -> 92 Defence and a different view about so called combat noobs. It really isnt that easy to max melee after all. At 1975 Total, I took another break, this one for about 3 months. What I did when I got back was, as I said earlier, fishing. 2. Levels I managed to get almost all of the levels (messed up Farming) right after eachother at the same place thanks to six genie lamps, the three experiencelamps from the Lumbridge Achievement Diary and the two experiencelamps from Burthorpe (after that quest). Eight lamps too much cant hurt, right? Hidden levels are btw 70 Construction, 80 Hunter and 52 Summoning 3. Drops and Charms These are the drops I got from 81-83 Slayer or so Charms from 73-83 (note that I got even more since I have 52 Summoning) 4. Whats next? To be honest, Im not really sure. Im not that far from 99 Defence, so I am very sure Ill get that before 2050 Total. Im also going to try and get 85 Agility and 80 Crafting. And I should try and make some money to raise my Summoning and other buyables. Well see.
  11. Thanks a lot. :) Yea I did quit, but I do have a lot of spare time now in the summer, so thats why I got back to playing. Ive noticed its getting popular to update threads with levels that actually hasnt got anything to do with the thread...so:
  12. Thank you very much. :) The reason to why I dont have / wont get 99 Thieving in a while is simple: It's extremely booring. ;)
  13. I actually got this yesterday, but I couldnt bother to post. Btw this is Fishing on the Individual Highscores at RuneMonkey ;) Fyi, I am pretty sure that the record 217 days ago was set in f2p. 960k to 99 atm. Slaying now and I'll be getting 94 Def tonight/tomorrow and 82 Slayer tomorrow. 99 Fishing will come as 2000 Total, and I dont know when I'll be getting it. The only thing I know is that I am going to get 80 Agility, 83 Slayer, 95+ Def and maybe 95 Woodcutting before.
  14. Congratulations, im 960k xp from that myself. :) What's next?
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