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  1. Pffff ok people... I will add a new picture of me... WITH 13k canonballs, 2 canons and guthans -.- ALso got that stuff on bank.
  2. 1*10 Hop you guys like it ^^ Bought all overpriced... Hope its worth.
  3. Ok, I'm dutch, we have a ducth runescape community, there were some people who asked about the hide system on our community. They all liked the hide system om tip.it forums more. (bad englisch sorry) But... The forum modderators can change it, but they need the code/script of this hide system. I would like to ask a moderator for one... but I still couldn't find one. Anyone else knows the code/script of this hide system? Thanks, Mastermoost1
  4. I hope you'll read this, I answered a bit late :s This is what I take: (outfit) Neitziznot helm Fury Karil top Karil bottom/Verac skirt (mostly verac skirt) Dragon boots of Bandos boots Whip Zamorak Book Wealth (inventory): 2 Super attacks 2 Super strengths 5 or 6 Super restores 13 or 14 Sara brews (sometimes more) Hammer Teleport Dragondagger or Dragon halberd If you got space left, add some super restores or sara brews. I'll edit this post later with more drop!! Some shards and Body + more
  5. It CAN drop also a rune kite shield... The last time i go there it dropped two in one trip. It also dropped something else, but I forgot ;) Credit: Mastermoost1
  6. Cursed Warriors of... Zamorak/Saradomin/Guthix/Other God/Runescape
  7. Ok, got some money left - 24M... Don't know what to do with it.. need help! These are my stats;
  8. Nope I did it with red chins I got a very organised bank, so I always buy 2 capes, if I wear one and 1 for in bank.
  9. Levels from 90 - 99 I gonna upload tonight now Im on school :s 400k till 99 hitpoints!!!
  10. ^^ - Yes, sure, everyone can Deekay ;) The only thing you have to do is to do it right. I did my first good trip on 104. Thanks =) Nope never Dk lured, but some GOF members dont know the story why i got kicked out of GOF so they probably think I DK lured someone or something.
  11. Omg lol Kohe, Ye we dked sometimes and you still believe I stole your nick? 1; I didn't 2; Why should I? :s
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