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  1. Hi Tip.It Well it's been over two years since I started playing Runescape, And it's been quite fun. Well I have two and only two accounts on Runescape, both currently F2P but both were P2P at different times. Here is my Main, This is my first account started over 2 years ago. And here is my Skiller, I started my Skiller about a year ago, I have covered up details of my Skiller when I get back home, I will post it on my Blog So until then Rate/Hate and I will add a bank for both accounts on my blog after I return. Also I am just saying I am one of the highest level 3's to have alot and I mean alot of Hunter XP, but like I said i will release details when I come back. Thanks, Miss
  2. Back now, Hopefully much better from recent days, but still going to America tommorow. Hopefully be back happy and feeling better, Miss (Will be back on 30th of October) Happy Runescaping, Will update bank and everything when i get back.
  3. Hi Tip.It Just a question, I would really like a 99 in Magic or Range Which one should i chose (Really the cheapest and quickist) Magic or Range Also how much rougly would this cost, and what should i buy (I have 63mill so i can afford some stuff) And what would be the best thing to use it on or cast. (For F2P and P2P) Thanks, Miss
  4. Well, I havn't been feeling very well for the last week, So i am unable to keep the blog up to date, I won't go in to detail, of why I am unwell but it is something that i need to attend Hospital for. So lets just say it's quite serious. So I shall return when I post that I am. Miss Have fun Runescaping.
  5. Back from school, and also THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!! finally some time off school for 2 days :mrgreen: :lol: Miss
  6. Back Online, probally only get something like 5k Mining xp, Miss
  7. Ok I will add you tommorow, i am wacthing a show called 'HEROES' and then i will probally do some Coursework, then off to sleep, Night people, Also only earned about 1.2k Mining XP preparing for my Holiday to America. Miss, :mrgreen:
  8. Thanks, Back from school really x12 boring, but home now yay, Should be back on Runscape in a min, Miss
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