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  1. I have no need to lie, whats the point? i'm just mentioning i started when rs first came out and was asking if anyone that started when i did still plays.
  2. runescape did in fact start in 1999, look at the copyright
  3. What's happened to rs? I started in 1999 when i was about 12 and played for about 1 year then quit completely for like 6 years and just came back. Now you can no longer pk all over the map like in the good old days, not to mention the bank in karimja is only only available to member unlike way back . Plus my account was deleted due to inactivity =[. Any other oldbies please respond if your upset as i am. Now all everyone says, is noob this noob that, i've been playing longer than some of these children have been alive they need to learn respect.
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