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  1. http://img208.echo.cx/img208/7956/help3oh.jpg imagehosting isnt workin... so this is wat the dialog box says: 'The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions. * Check the file permissions for the document or drive. * Use File Open dialog box to locate the document' wen i try to open the document.. i keep getting this msg.. anythin i can do to make it work??
  2. it does look sweet.. but id stick wit the old one.
  3. jus finished something in terragen, ami. some1 give me a good name that could be used for a landscape.. i suck at gettin names for my pieces. Lol, just type 'landscape' into a thesarus engine * sin_q will use a gay name such as... 'The Land Of Sin' lol Lol so as u can see.. i jus picked any name.. ;)
  4. thnx all for the comments :) Icedrop again.. lol. ill try to upload it somewhere l8er ;)
  5. thnx all for the comments.. and icedrop.. ill try to upload it l8er :)
  6. woops, Exarch.. ill fix that now and edit it ;) .. thnx :P Mikeob1 and Demoris .. thnx :D
  7. deviantART - Peace Another Space scene .. this is less cluttered than the rest and looks peaceful :) Comments plz? :P
  8. thnx nadril.. ya ive been playin wit it since yesterday and just looking at the render previews.. then today i actually worked on something and got this :) Exziz.. hmmm.. ill see if i can fix that wit the next landscape i make :)
  9. deviantART - The Land Of Sin Well.. this is my FIRST landscape .. and my FIRST piece i made in terragen.. :) what do u all think? :P
  10. u guys dont like colours do u? :P
  11. i liked the colours in the nebula.. :P and thnx, about the planet. :)
  12. deviantART - Untitled Well.. Here's another space scene that i made. I think it looks pretty good. Took me a while to make it and went through so many different versions of it till i thought this one looks pretty good :) What do you all think?
  13. thnx all for the comments :D Kingrazo, thnx for the suggestion.. ill keep that in mind for the next time i make one.
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