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  1. Think I've finally made up my mind, started a subscription for my main today! far left one. Not sure where I'll start off now but first of all may be checking out some new quests, areas and get to know the new combat system :) Thanks for the support! Feel free to add me: Gniraz
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! When it comes to cash I've never really been the guy with alot of it.. Think i have like 20m on my characters right now. There seem to be many maxed ppl at these days so I suppose those guys are pking cus what else will they do? Maxed everything and billionaiers so no problem risking a couple of mils in wild, Dont think I'd stand a chance there with my main :P As for quests I'm pretty out of date, the one to get lunar spells is probably the newest one I've done :) So those frost dragons btw, how much profit /hour there?
  3. Hello everyone, veteran runscaper here! Thinking of returning.. again.. :) I used to be a hardcore gamer back in the days, quitted at 2006 I think, returned when dung arrived and played for about 2 years. Now I'm thinking of starting playing again but not sure on which one of my accounts. I've always enjoyed most of all pking, also mini games and bosses. But seems that alot have changed with pking and bosses.. So I might not enjoy my pures anymore as I see it. How is pking as a pure on rs3 today? any fun at all? Dont really feel like starting over just for OS either. So I need some advice before I start, pros and cons with my main or pures on rs as it is today would be appriciated :)
  4. Can't really agree on that they will fall since many people still seem to like these updates. I personally haven't liked many of the last updates especially this last one ruining the pking, that one made me quit
  5. how its going with my sig?
  6. what u mean i couldn't afford...i said i have already bought one :?
  7. its my friend adn he said that the dude wouldn'yt be so easy to see. and he said that a blending wouldn't fit.
  8. yea its fake..and i found it on another site. it looks cool so i just want to show it up here
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