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  1. I want to know when you will be accepting advertising requests again, the topic said you weren't accepting anymore last time I checked, glad to see Honest1 back up and you know your linking to a very inactive forum,




    We have 10 registered members




    Anyways I really like the new drunken dwarf logo/sign thingy.

    I don't know when we will be takking new advertisments. You could PM uroclean as he is in charge of that deparment and we might be able to cycle it in or something.




    Thanks I am sure our graphics team will appreciate hearing that.

  2. From reading that interview, it looks like you just sent DBZ a list of questions with spaces for his answers..




    Q: If you could have anyone in your clan, who would it be? Why?


    Erm, I don't understand this question.


    Can you clarify this before this interview goes public? lol




    Q: This concludes this interview. Would there be anything you would like to add?




    I'm not telling you how to run this thing, but to me, that is just a slightly personalised survery, and not an interview, which would explain why whe I read it it felt like it was done by a computer.


    Get on msn/IRc and actually talk to the person whilst directing questions, instead of throwing a list of questions at them and waiting until they send the reply back.




    I'm not trying to claim that the current method is terrible, but don't just interview someone for the sake of interviewing them.. :|


    Wow looks like we flat out ignored his request to to explain it before we went public... The interviewing articles are one of the ones we have planned to be revamped in the coming year.

  3. basicly you want a statute of limitations to go into effect. I agree with that point. Most people forget they even broke a rule in the first place and have long since changed for the most part.




    However I think blackmarks should remain on the account otherwise people will simply break the rules a soon as the account is clean again. That would create quite a cycle.

  4. yay! we'll make sure to have a detailed, thoughtful, and well-written article on the GE. unlike some newspapers i could mention...




    What other newspapers? If I correctly recall, you wrote specifically in one of your articles the Project Onyx is a, how was it put?




    newspaper...excuse me...portal




    ; and certainly not a newspaper.




    hehe true tue skill caster. Maybe money thought we were going to put out a better article then the editor :ohnoes: of the tip.it times.




    Of course now that I said it the Editior will surely come down and strike him down with his writting power.

  5. The game engine hasn't been updated in almost two years, so they have had the engine capable of it all that time.




    Incorrect. The game engine was updated last year around September, this was around the same time that the skill interface was changed and that area sounds were added. Around that time, hunting was going to be released, construction had been released, they were in the middle of the "project" of creating a german version of the game. I'd say they had a lot on their hands ::'




    They've also been busy updating all the areas and characters graphically, so this would obviously extend their time frame.


    That point also goes both ways. You could say why they didnÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t do a massive update such as the GE right away after the engine upgrade [correction over a year ago] or at least have planned to come out in the near future because of hunter and other updates. Right now however Jagex seems even busier with all the usual graphics and quest updates, plus a new skill which is shaping to be the most worked on skill to date plus they are expanding with a whole new game coming out. Seems if anything they have less time now then they did after the updated engine came out.

  6. Creating a game auction house, why didn't they come up with that earlier?


    Because it wasn't possible on the engine at the time?


    PvP ranking system, it should've been implemented the day JaGeX made the Duel Arena!


    It's a tournament ranking system. If you hadn't noticed, Jagex just released the tournament system. Would be pretty pointless to release the ranking system years before the actual update


    Wolpertinker, can't they find a new name?


    That's because it's a real (mythical) creature. World of Warcraft was just the first notable game to use it




    Great article, except for the bit about Runescape copying WoW. Would've also helped if the writer did minimal research apart from probably visiting a wow forum.




    -It's not spelled worpletinker


    -an evil identical to bob? That sounds a lot like, you know, evil bob. That's a completely different npc, and worpletingers aren't even in the game.


    -Hold on....You mean to tell me that you can view your rank....displayed as NUMBERS? Clearly if Jagex is putting your rank next to your score, using a method that's been used since 1980's arcade games, they're copying Wow.


    -The concept of an auction house is thousands of years old, and Wow is hardly the first game to use it.




    Failing bashing attempt towards Jagex.




    The game engine hasn't been updated in almost two years, so they have had the engine capable of it all that time.




    It also wasn't an attempt to bash Jagex at all. It was merely comparing recent changes and updates in Runescape and attempting to answer the question that seems to be going around more and more often.




    One last note. I like all the debates. Good to see some solid counterpoints being put up. I would also like to say that the views of our authors are not necessarily the views of the Tribune.

  7. I read one article and stopped... do you guys even check for grammatical errors? At first I thought one or two had slipped through, but it looks like it hasn't been edited at all!




    EDIT: Awesome interview though, gotta love Peter :P


    Hey I would love to know where some of the errors were so I can correct thos problems in the future. If you could PM them to me I would appricate that.

  8. Noobs basicly help create the extremes of runescape, both good and bad.


    The bad side as the can be annoying as heck, and the good side because they make life quite intersting at times.




    Also they kinda have a purpose in runescape like autoers. A lot of the newbs and noobs help fuel the econmy with raw rescoreces as they don't know what else to do, and have little money with which to buy stuff outright. In the econmic sense, they help balance things out a bit.




    Besides I will never forget the time I was just talking to people on my friends list, but didn't want to just be standign in the bank talking to no one. My solution? I folowed some guy smelting in the Al Karid furnce and even followed him as he world hoped trying to get away. His private chat was on, and he kepts wondering how I always new where he was.

  9. Lately I found myself just burned out of skilling in general. Might be because me and a friend pulled a late nighter one night about two months ago minning like crazy.




    So I got on about two weeks ago and found myself jumping from one skill to another because I couldn't stand more then 5 mintues at each.




    After another short break, I am back on track and skilling my all time least favorite skill of all things (range). It is actualy growing on me too...

  10. Another newspaper!








    I quit reading the tribune because they made fun of mining <.<




    Seems I have to keep clarifing things today. :)




    Our article in no way made fun of mining. It also didn't beat down the accomplishment of all those out there who have it. I personally love mining and smithing, and think it is one of the biggest accomplishments for a non member to get it leveled high. All our blah writer was specifically saying, is that if you are tying to get it there for the money you make for rune ores, you might want to rethink that. Sorry if his writing seemed a little blunt and the context not clearly explained. It was his style of writing, and I totally respect that.writting, and I totatly respect that.





  11. Ok I was the second in command at the paper during the early days in close ties with Junka. Allow me to clear up some things.




    First of all we already agreed early on as our first editions were posted that no one copied anyone. Our editions came out the same weekend, and we had both obviously been preparing for some time before any info was made public. Nor does being the 1st make a difference really.




    Secondly at first we thought of it has a friendly competition that would improve our skills and force us to make a better paper. This in turn would make the onyx times make a better one, and so the cycle would continue improving quality and being a little bit of fun.




    After the first edition or two was out Junka and skill_caster decided it might be a good idea to join ranks due to the spew of many papers out there at the time. At first it was merely an alliance and we supported each other and such, but it quickly morphed into a joint paper: The Asgarnian Press.




    After the first edition was published, we realized that a third of all the G.T.'s work got posted and nothing more. This was partially due to space constraints. Junka and I decided it would be in the best interest of our paper and our authors in the terms of getting our work out there, if we broke ties and went back to the old way. Our staffs were also not putting out as much work shortly after that because it didn't bother to get posted.




    Then after the break, project_onyx the portal was reveled. During our next edition in the G.T. we did a good deal of advertising to support it in a number of articles and help get the work out to that really awesome and very well done project.




    That is what I know. It should give you a very good picture of things at that time.




    Hope that clears everyint up



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