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  1. I approve of this blog. Figured this was a good place to make my first post in about 2 years. Very nice work my fellow 100% non-member friend.
  2. wow we need to work out that format some in future editions... Other then that looking good. I haven't been around tip.it in ages... good to be back.
  3. scape rune is the devil and it seems to love me way to much. I just got my 6 and 7th maze ever in 3 and half years of playing yesterday. Lucky streak.
  4. There needs to be another option.... It gives way to much information to the common player making merchanting even worse then when the GE was first released.
  5. Most likely the market was flooded with yews as bot activity is shutting down. All prices should be getting back to normal in a month or two as long as sumonning doesn't change much.
  6. Anyways I really like the new drunken dwarf logo/sign thingy. I don't know when we will be takking new advertisments. You could PM uroclean as he is in charge of that deparment and we might be able to cycle it in or something. Thanks I am sure our graphics team will appreciate hearing that.
  7. ok. That is what I get for never reading rsn on apps.
  8. lol same here dude, i'm checking every morning and afternoon to see if it has been accepted or denied. username on our forum? I think I might know...
  9. I'm not telling you how to run this thing, but to me, that is just a slightly personalised survery, and not an interview, which would explain why whe I read it it felt like it was done by a computer. Get on msn/IRc and actually talk to the person whilst directing questions, instead of throwing a list of questions at them and waiting until they send the reply back. I'm not trying to claim that the current method is terrible, but don't just interview someone for the sake of interviewing them.. :| Wow looks like we flat out ignored his request to to explain it before we went public... The interviewing articles are one of the ones we have planned to be revamped in the coming year.
  10. I herad from a source that most of rune village (a whole 8 people), switched capes. I am assuming a great deal of other sites did the same near the end. That should explain a lot of the backstabing. It was fun. Pilling on runehqers was quite great.
  11. just throwing this out there, but this could be a fun market to toy around with on the GE.
  12. basicly you want a statute of limitations to go into effect. I agree with that point. Most people forget they even broke a rule in the first place and have long since changed for the most part. However I think blackmarks should remain on the account otherwise people will simply break the rules a soon as the account is clean again. That would create quite a cycle.
  13. What other newspapers? If I correctly recall, you wrote specifically in one of your articles the Project Onyx is a, how was it put? ; and certainly not a newspaper. hehe true tue skill caster. Maybe money thought we were going to put out a better article then the editor :ohnoes: of the tip.it times. Of course now that I said it the Editior will surely come down and strike him down with his writting power.
  14. wouldn't 4 items being put in one box create 3 new bank spaces? At any rate that is a decent percentage of bank space freed up.
  15. Incorrect. The game engine was updated last year around September, this was around the same time that the skill interface was changed and that area sounds were added. Around that time, hunting was going to be released, construction had been released, they were in the middle of the "project" of creating a german version of the game. I'd say they had a lot on their hands : They've also been busy updating all the areas and characters graphically, so this would obviously extend their time frame. That point also goes both ways. You could say why they didnÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t do a massive update such as the GE right away after the engine upgrade [correction over a year ago] or at least have planned to come out in the near future because of hunter and other updates. Right now however Jagex seems even busier with all the usual graphics and quest updates, plus a new skill which is shaping to be the most worked on skill to date plus they are expanding with a whole new game coming out. Seems if anything they have less time now then they did after the updated engine came out.
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