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  1. Darn it!!! That is rude and inconsiderate! :wall:
  2. I've noticed I only have 2 out of 6 slots in the GE-whats wrong??
  3. You would find 0 stations. Also, I think that the GC will shape all the new items.
  4. Good Clan Hunter(or was that last year...) Bad GC DA GC lootshare GC pretty much everything else GC
  5. So if you are looking for something like a wiz robe, you will probably get it because you are buying?
  6. Now it's here, and we are all sad/mad... :evil:
  7. There do seem to be alot of random events.
  8. It probably is true. Except for ashes.
  9. Sorry. I just thought how outragesly mad that makes me.
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