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  1. Thanks mate! you really have putted some efford in that posts :D i'll check some!!! thanks again
  2. Very nice :shock: 99 mining, i want that cookie :uhh: or summoning, lol
  3. What if... Jagex posts on the homepage that the whole 10 december updates, the trade limit, the duel arena etc. are just one huge joke? That they just wanted to find out what people would do? What would your feelings be? happy? angry? please note: i'm not saying it is a joke (they may seem to be like one...)
  4. Ok, what would you do when Jagex decides to reset everyone's xp items etc. :-k I would do nothing more than i do now, because i already quited :twisted: So... what would you do? :anxious:
  5. i guess i figured it out, bought halloweenmasks and 99 mage runes and going to do that (check my bank pic on Rate This!) So i guess this can be closed, thanks
  6. i actually picced my skull, i thought it would be rare :uhh:
  7. Rate-Hate 1/10 F.A.Q. Why no guthans? I don't want guthans because it makes me train slayer... and i like that skill, and i want to quit rs :uhh: Share i tbed You can't no longer tb
  8. Disturbed - The Game And after that more Disturbed :lol:
  9. that's a good idea too \ but well msn is for that too? :-k
  10. Wise words :shock: well, basicly all true, thanks
  11. LOL! in real life, haha well basicly true... :-k
  12. hmm.. i might wait to check out summoning, if that isn't a fun skill too, then llVIU is right, i'll go to another game, and perhaps stay on tip.it forums, i don't know.
  13. Ok so i have been thinking, why would i continue to play RuneScape? - I've seen most of RuneScape.... - I don't really like skilling.... - Merchanting gone? :uhh: - No more pking - Done every minigame TOO many times. So... what should i do? i have runes for 94 magic, but i simply don't feel like playing, i just wander around doing nothing, IF i play (i don't.... for the last 3 weeks). So.... What to do? quit? go to my lovely PS3? any ideas? - Wait for summoning - Stay on tip.it
  14. set a timer on your pc, so that you can only play for 1 hour or something instead of 5-8?
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