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  1. I would do slayer. It's much more fun and you can make quite a profit out of some of the drops. If you don't fancy doing that, I always train at the Rock Crabs, even if they're crowded.
  2. Surely it was worth it? My WC'ing will rocket up now the Draynor willows are nearly free. Anyways, Jagex does'nt need to go on a mass banning spree, not really. They've just cut away the reason to have a bot; nearly all of them(Not to be stereotypical) are chinese nerds looking for quick money. In [completely ruining the trade system], they have removed the incentive for the RWT bots to go on... botting, by disabling their ability to a huge amount of gold at one time. It would be quite funny, though, for an ad to say "Selling 200mil cheap. In 3k pieces."
  3. Joee550


    Although I do think that the renevants were a good idea in principle(Monsters that attack RWT's, saving pk'er a job), in practise it's completely stupid. I went into the wildy to test out the idea... and got flattened. Putting ghosts in the wildy, somewhat like putting the Dark Wizard near the Draynor willows, was a good idea. Giving them the ability to damn freeze you is not. They can do 30's! Any kind of dragon, or demon trainer would be quite annoyed to find that while they were momentarily AFK they got frozen, killed and given a chance to admire their new gravestone. On it's own, it's really annoying, having monsters converging on you all the time, but to give them the ability to freeze? That's like making Lumbridge or Falador part of the wilderness. Completely unavoidable death, unless you have an unlimited supply of sharks and p pots.
  4. Even though I do wish Jagex had heightened the trade max(3k difference wtf), I should think that this whole idea of 'Fighting Against Jagex' and 'Overthrowing Our Tyrannical Dictators' if really, really, really stupid. Not to call everyone in it stupid, since everyone with a problem with the update either has a choice to say nothing or to join in with a mass riot, but, to put a question to the author, what would you do if Jagex decided you took it too far? And closed down the game? I'm quite sure that you would be despondent. Also, again to the author, If you have read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, one could liken you to Reg Shoe. I'm sure everyone who has read Night Watch agrees with me... Even the principle of the idea is ridiculous; If you won, and Jagex was a)At your feet or b)Dead, then what would you do? I'm sure you are a master businessman/woman, but even with that, would you be any better than Jagex?
  5. "How dare you! I am not dead! Dying is the last thing I shall do!" "Here lies Michael Jackson. Yes, he's wearing the Thriller mask(was it a mask?rofl) No, you can't have an autograph." "1f CH00 d0n't res me 1'm g0nna pwn ch00. Oh, this is Runescape... " "Could'nt really think of any last words, so they put this on my headstone. How sad."
  6. I've noticed a few glitches around the Grand Exchange which cause you, if approaching and clicking upon the desk, to converse with any nearby NPC: http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grandexchangehz0.png Your character stops about 2 squares in front of the desk, and if there are any NPC's around which are NOT the banker, you talk to them and start the normal Grand Exchange script. It loads your account and everything. Also, I haven't tried it, but I would bet money that if you could get him there, the KBD himself would serve the honour of opening your account. That is, if he stopped attacking anyone long enough to do it... EDIT: Sorry about the picture load time. It wouldn't fit as a normal picture and I can't do anything to crop it.
  7. Cows are very dangerous when you're onlt lvl 3. I was training on them, and nearly died. Noting this, I ran nearly all the way to Varrock(although I didn't know this at the time), calmed down enough to examine the ores in the mine, and got 1-hit-KOed by a mugger who was sneakily hiding behind my cameras arc; as sonn as I moved out of the way of a handy tree, it moved torwads me. And killed me. :cry:
  8. Being a level 65 miner, I have mined more than my fair share of gems. Over the years, it's come to my attention that once you already have a gem, or a few gems, in you inventory, you seem to mine more gems than you would if you had no gems already in your inventory. Also, at the coal trucks, you get more gems than in other places(except shilo village). Possibly, in a note, could someone put this in the mining or crafting guide? It's quite useful for anyone who often wants to get gems quickly, such as me.
  9. You know, that would be a really good excuse for being a pirate. Most pures are miniclip kids. They can't be bothered to make the money themselves so they turn to the wildy, (not saying everyone who does pk can't be bothered) and they google cheats for how to become a P00Ning L33t killing machine. Half of them get keylogged, but all of them find out the, if not best, then most popular method is to become a pure. So, most pures are immature, but not because of being a pure.
  10. I wish tip.it had one, it would save me switching between sites every time I went up an agility level.
  11. If you can't get an ectophial, al-kharid is the best. Easy to get to and near a mining spot, too.
  12. I was one of the early advocators of this project... I posted it on the official forums, but it was probably eaten by the pg. 51 monster. Forgive me for not reading 200-odd pages, but has any of the supporters sent it to a mod or posted it on the official forums again since the last time I looked at this? It seems amazing that Jagex hasn't released this yet, but, then again, look at how long it took to bring out Construction. I was, and still am, a full supporter of this.
  13. In smithing, rcing, firemaking, cooking and farming I have always been self-sufficient. I never seem to have enough time or money to stand around advertising for a worker or to buy 1k coal. I quite enjoy being self-sufficient anyway, as it's something I can be proud of(It'll be in my sig in a minute)and since I have this MASSIVE compilation of songs on my computer, I never get bored whilst mining or rcing.
  14. To be honest, he was'nt that difficult when I faced the last bit. They might've updated it since I last did it, but all I took was an inventory full of cakes(not even chocolate btw :shock: ) and a super set and he was'nt too hard.
  15. Except for the new Grim Reaper hood, which is more like grey anyway, is there a black hood that you could buy in a clothes shop? Or can you dye another hood? I'm P2p so that isn't a problem. I'm trying to make a full black skilling outfit which is quite light and looks decent.
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