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  1. dance dance immolation. okay the chest looks awful, but i cant say i care at all
  2. when i started there wasnt even a tutorial island, you could only choose if you wanted to become warrior, ranger, adventurer, miner, etc etc. i chose warrior \ i really liked the feeling of not really knowing where you were, it felt like runescape was much much bigger.
  3. yes, I noticed this too. even between the genders some people look the same (atleast kimberly and kennith) but its all good to me, i dont mind.
  4. I actually agree, I was all hyped up for this new graphical improvement, even subscribed again, but I prefer the older graphics, they are more, stylised. However, I'm not complaining, since i really appreciate the new fullscreen stuff. Btw, the lights are emitting some weird color, just doesnt feel right to me.
  5. i think that it is some sort of a transparent color, much like white in gamemaker, it means that it isnt a specific color, just that you can blend any color onto it.
  6. I am fine that summoning is members only, F2P got duel arena, clan wars, more bank space. That is enough for me. yeh jagex gives f2p 8 more bank banks sapces and then they go and give p2p another 64bank spaces as if they dont have enough already we do not infact, have enough already, its extremely easy to fill up ones bank. quit whining, listen to the other posters. you get what you pay for.
  7. i totally agree with you, im actually being paranoid when i play runescape, people report me for everything, even when i dont even say anything. what the hell is offensive about saying "i look like i am on drugs"? someone, please tell me, its not offensive, just funny.
  8. it would be awesome to be able to give people crabs
  9. why do these people exist again? im gonna get rich after i invent a machine that lets you punch people in the face over the internet
  10. u gotta think reative *slowly kills goblin* boom! bronze square shield and suddenly chickens cant hurt you :D /quote] yay, i clearly remember the old days now! i spent like a month in falador only mining and smithing, i thought it was an awesome city, so i never left it. i was afraid that i would never find it again. same with al-kharid, i spent a very long time there killing warriors so i could afford some addy scimitar. (it was back in the rsc days though.)
  11. Dude, I think it's time for a whopper-five! kadisch! I haven't eaten junk food for 8 years, I'm not going to start again anytime soon. Even the thought sickens me. Enjoy your fatty horrible, cardboard-like meat. Yeah I totally deserved that, I got bashed because I like some junk food. Thank you, it really made my day. I will never eat it again. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that we don't like it either. Just blech, I don't even know why you posted this at all.
  12. Dude, I think it's time for a whopper-five! kadisch!
  13. :shock:"Limit offensive opinions"?! A)How does one define offensive? Offensive to you? Offensive to me? In opposition to one's party?? Criticizing the actions of this party? IF the limiting of opinions(which is essentially the limiting for free speech) was allowed, corrupt politicians could twist it to suit their own means. B)How do you plan to control these opinions? Mind-control? Unlike freedom of speech, opinions are essentially a mental element.. +1, wtf
  14. I know people that spend $7.50 (roughly 5 euros) an hour playing packman at an arcade. wow, what an insightful add to the whole debate =D> . what point is there to argue with you when you just drop comments like these?
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