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  1. Using data from another fansite, my trend equation is y = 32549ln(x) - 144225 where x= xth moment lasting 30 seconds (R^2=0.9471). The prediction is almost exactly 200k votes. My last prediction based on Sy's hourly data was 202k. Credit to 'rslol' for the God's work of gathering the data.
  2. Basing my predictions on Sy_Accursed's data from the first 13 hours, the trend of the voting is logarythmic with 95% accuracy and the vote will end at 202k at the end of the fourteenth day. But it's just my amateur statistics.
  3. The wheel is unavailable on my 3 lvl account. Guess you can't just create noobs and spin it.
  4. Why is that so great? I loved it, was a nice quick access to the forums or to be logged in on the homepage. It was nice. :( The site/forum login process is now much smoother nand quicker, so not really a problem.
  5. They're still there for me? They weren't for some time after the update. I guess the upload took a little longer.
  6. Yeah, because walking from the GE teleport spot where most members have probably switched to is much more convenient than using a 1k games necklace for teleporting to a spot 3 seconds away from the other store. Thanks, Jagex. F2P haven't had any new membership advertisment for over a week.
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