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    Combat-crazed until the day I die. Or max out.
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    Books, music, vidjagames, movies, romance.

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  1. I mean, I dunno, I kinda wanted to play RuneScape again, but I can't recover my account (which was totally rad and also sweet) so I made a new one and it's sort of fun so I guess I'll keep playing. Just wondering if anyone around here remembers me, it's been like years I guess? None of these names seem familiar to me... Welcome back, me. Oh, hey, thanks me. Sure thing. Yeah. ~nerd
  2. Ah, that's so terrible. I was only using two. Haha. Well, thank you two very much.
  3. Ah. Well I dyed the sword after I started, so no problems there. Does the dyed Silverlight count as part of the armor?
  4. Yeah, so I've tried black armour, black Mystic robes, and black desert robes and Evil Dave still insists that I don't look evil. I've already dyed Silverlight. Am I missing something here or what? (Shadow of the Storm quest)
  5. I'm confused. So you're ranting because you're poor?
  6. We were each other's firsts for that sort of thing, actually. Thank God I have experience now.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm just not used to getting to this point in a meaningful relationship. Last time, it took like seven months. Just kind of a shocker for me this time. But I'm sure I can manage to get used to it. :thumbup:
  8. I am incredibly happy but slightly worried. Second semester of my freshman year in college. I met this girl Chelsea last semester in a gaming club. Seemed really cool, but I still had a pretty thick shell around me - it's a wonder I have any friends at all here. So I didn't talk to her much. Now, I feel great. I haven't shattered the shell, but there are holes I can get through. Started talking to Chelsea more and more. One of my friends, AJ, informed me that Chelsea thought I was really cute. And that she would want to date me. Cool. To skip over a few weeks of unnecessary dialogue, I asked her out, we went on a date last Monday, it went great and now, one week later, we are officially one hundred percent a couple. I'm slightly worried because two nights ago, Sunday night, I slept over at her dorm room. It was actually fairly innocent. Watched a movie, some TV. Made out some. Didn't do anything terribly risque. But when we woke up, things got kind of heated. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say here, so I'll just say we went as far as we could without going all the way. Now, I'm totally down with stuff like that. Did it a lot throughout my life, but it was almost always with meaningless people that I had no emotional regard for. Chelsea, though... I really like her. She's pretty special. Is that going way too fast? Oh, and also, AJ is gay and in love with me (I'm bi) and that's kind of bad because I love him as a friend, but nothing further. Us hooking up a bit first semester kind of complicated things, I guess. And he gets really moody and upset when he sees Chelsea and I holding hands or something. What the heck am I supposed to do about that?
  9. "Working at Perfekt" - Geddy Lee Off the album My Favorite Headache. It's his first solo album (he's the singer/bassist from Rush).
  10. Oh, cool. I guess it's because I bought my HDMI cable a looong time ago and they were still kinda new and expensive? Oh well.
  11. Hm. Maybe Gran Turismo 1 or 2?
  12. I rented Spider-Man 3, and returned it not twenty minutes later, and demanded my money back. I was hoping they could reflect the goodness of Spider-Man 2... they didn't.
  13. You are not allowed to be a Grammar Nazi until you can type perfectly, all the time. You really don't have any concrete information to support your claims. You seem to be just basing them off your opinions based on the very limited amount of information available. That's not a very smart thing to do. But hey, you could be right. We don't know. You could be painfully wrong. I reckon we'll find out sooner or later.
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