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  1. Hahaha i started to post but then i forgot what number to put in. 3 second memory fail. 3094
  2. I phrased the question wrong. What i really meant was, how can I make a load of money without training combat? On top of that, all of you really need to get a life. If you play runescape so long that you have 80-99 in every skill, you need to go outside. Seriously.
  3. Hooray for people who don't read the second sentence in the OP :rolleyes: I will also support continuation of shilo village fly fishing. However, you should consider what fishing level you're going for and how far you're going to train ranged, def, and prayer. If you raise those three other combat skills enough, they should raise your CB level to a point where strength levels won't increase it for like 20-30 levels, which could mean you being able to fish upwards of 60k-70k fish via barbarian fishing. You should also consider doing swan song though. Any reason why you haven't? Hooray for people who don't look at my sig. I only have 100 qp, and I havent done OSF or garden of tranquility. On top of that, I'm trying to keep my combat low and my skills high so def and prayer are like poison. Also, shilo village fishing and barb fishing are the same xp, right?
  4. I did try shilo village, thats how i got to 73. The only problem with barb fishing is that I like to think of myself as a range/mage pure and the str xp form barb fishing will really add up. Also, does any1 know how much xp per hour swordfish and tuna is without sacred clay or swordfish gloves?
  5. I'm looking for the fastest xp at 73 fishing. I have not done swan song. Any ideas?
  6. I must have forgot about that. Thanks. Also, did you like it or not? I'm wondering because otherwise I might not write a third chapter.
  7. I don't know you or anything, so this might be weird, but I love you. If you actually know who Andromeda is (metal band from sweden) then this might also be weird, beacuse i love you too.
  8. Probably some heavy metal, which is especially good for pvp Bands: Circus Maximus Killswitch Engage Silverstein Andromeda
  9. We went through the doorway, and what I saw at first didn't mean much (just a perfectly square room, gray granite walls, pretty boring) and it wasn't until I took a closer look that I found something of interest. Annoyingly enough, just as I was about to announce my find, Blue Crab called over to me. "Hey, look at this. It's more English." He said that like English was a recently discovered ancient language. "I know." I said absentmindedly, because at the moment my mind was focused on something else-spiders. Everywhere. Giant ones. Luckily they were all dead, because I didn't think that these would be the docile level-2 ones. Or even level 27. Among the creepy mass of dead giant brown spiders, was about half, yes, half of a human body, with some black armour strewn around it. I crept closer, and when I was about 3 feet away, one of the spiders groaned and I noticed a stream of greenish blood gushing from a recent battle wound. "Saaaave uhhhhhhs." It said, then exhaled its final breath. While that happened, Blue Crab was reading the writing. At about the same time the spider groaned, Blue Crab said, "Hey. This talks about the Black Knights." Well, that explained the armour and person I found. "And speaking of which, come look at this." I said, motioning towards the spiders. "Ah." Then, changing the subject, he said, "Onward?" "No, I want to read what the writing says." I replied. "Suit yourself." He shrugged, then went off to look at the spiders and the half of a man. The writing was this: Here marks the spot of the 7th Intelligence. All members of the 7th Intelligence that have not surrendered will be destroyed. 10th decree of the Black Knights And under that was some directions: Left to City, Right to Execution Center Alright, any noob could figure out what was going on here, but I refused to believe it. Spiders? Intelligent? Whaaaaaaat? And the Black Knights. How did they get here? I needed answers. And it looked like Blue Crab had already gone off to find them. "Blue Crab? Where'd ya go?" I took a few steps down the doorway when I heard some whispering.
  10. In chapter 2:

    Blue Crab and Svaac continue searching this strange cave, and undercover some startling secrets.

  11. Just finished chapter 1. If anyone from Jagex happens to read this, then this story will contain some good ideas for a place and boss monsters.

  12. is writing a story on the Varrock Library called Arachnid Tunnel. Read Chapter 1 today!

  13. Bam! Fireworks exploded above my head in bright colors as my Mining level ticked up to 80. w00t! I yelled, and with the completion of my goal, I thought about what to do next. A boss tour came to mind, but I knew I wasn't good enough yet. Well, I was, but I just didn't feel like it. Maybe do some farm, or some fishing and cooking. All too boring, I decided. What I needed was a challenge, something hard, yet not frustrating. After giving it some thought, I decided to try the Living Rock Caverns. I had never been there, and I had heard good things about it. So l bought a Fally teletab and cracked it. In the square, a man came up to me. He had full 3rd age range on, except he had a hood that I can only describe as a Bryll hood from Dungeoneering. Strange, as I thought those couldn't be taken out. "It's real." He said, almost reading my mind. "I found the plants deep underground. If you're going to the Living Rock, I'm coming with you." "O-kay?" I said, putting on a quizzical expression. This guy was starting to creep me out. He equipped a crossbow that seemed to be made out of onyx. Man, this guy was RICH. I was starting to heat up inside from jealousy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he also had an Herblore skillcape, which is my personal favorite. Grrrr. I wanted to kill him, but he was a full 10 combat levels higher than me. In other words, he was maxed out in combat at least. We walked up to the entrance of the Dwarven Mine on Ice mountain without saying much. Finally, at the bottom of the ladder, he said, "You forgot your pickaxe. Bring some food too. And a better weapon. You'll need them." And as I was climbing up the ladder, I could tell he was going to say something else, but apparently it was unimportant, because he held it back. I came back down the ladder after getting my stuff and he was still there. As I walked to the other ladder and started to climb down, with my internal stove still set on high, he shouted down, "I'm Blue Crab." "And hello to you too, Blue Crab. It's soooo nice to see you." I muttered sarcastically. "I heard that!" I heard his voice echo down the shaft. (AUTHORS NOTE: If your Runescape username happens to be Blue Crab, or any of the other names mentioned in ANY of the chapters, this is NOT you.) As I climbed down the long shaft, I started to wonder what the heck I was doing. I just invited a stranger that I known for 5 minutes onto a Living Rock trip. What was wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!? Anyway, I got to the bottom and waited for him to come down. When he got there, we scattered in search of a concentrated coal rock to mine. At least, I did, but Blue Crab went for a concentrated gold one. I mined for a while, banked 6 times, when I spotted a rock no one was mining. Like a moth to a light, I ran to it. I hit it with my pickaxe a couple times, not mining anything, when it collapsed. Hurrah, I thought sarcastically. I leaned in for a closer look, just to assure that there was no ore there, when I spotted a dent in the rubble. I shifted some of the rocks, and they tumbled down somewhere. It was a tunnel. The tunnel looked pretty normal, except that it seemed to radiate evil. "Blue Crab?" I called out nervously, and I almost slapped myself for sounding so needy. I didn't need his help, he was just here for the ride. He came over, with his pickaxe (also made of onyx) resting against his leg. "Wha-oh, that." He said, pointing the top of his pickaxe at the tunnel. Then, much to my surprise, he said, "You want to go in?" "Anything to get away from these stupid creatures." I said, fighting one as I spoke. When I killed it, He clambered into the tunnel, and I followed. As we crawled throught the tunnel, occasionally contorting our bodies to one side to avoid a sharp rock, I felt the long hours spent getting my Agility to 80 paying off. After squeezing around a fifth rock, and about ten minutes of crawling, I started to think that this was a bad idea. Finally, I saw a light (yes, a light) and I climbed out into... ...the light of some bioluminescent plants. Squinting the the oddly bright light, I saw some chiseled lettering in the ganite wall in front of us: Guthix be false, for man makes balance with its own hands. Saradomin be false, for man can be wise on its own. And Zamorak be false, for man makes chaos with its own hands. I read it, then read it again, and I could see when I looked over at Blue Crab that he was doing the same. I looked in the other direction, and jumped when I saw a skeleton about 6 feet away from me. Blue Crab looked over, and said (again), "Wha-oh, that." Then, hastily changing the subject, he said, 'There's a doorway over there. Let's go."
  14. I broke a candle holder, so i'm really ticked off. I also levelled 35-40 rc yesterday.

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