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  1. I can't use the needle it says nothing happens. any clue on that one?
  2. The British Empire was the largest ever, covering 1/4 of the worlds land mass. British customs and events are far wider than just England you realise? Almost 2B people are part of the Commonwealth, some 6 times more populous than USA. Guy Faulks night is tomorrow, and is celebrated in England, NZ, Aussie, parts of Canada and the Carribean. So more countries celebrate Guy Faulks than Thanksgiving, so lets light up some crackers instead of celebrating fat americans. PS: Can' wait for the Grand quest - me liketh a lot :) Why do you have to refer to us as Fat americans? I can tell you right now I'm American and I am in better shape then 90% of the people in the world. Why would you stereotype us like that?
  3. its like playing the lottery sometimes you win something sometimes you win nothing, but someone has to hit the jackpot(3rd age) why not you.
  4. You guys do realize they only put one per world for a reason right? From my knowledge there are two things that drop elixirs one being the CB and the other being the wrath. When the CB is so hard to defeat why would they make such an easy monster as the wraith so plentiful that thousands of people could be killing it, and potentially getting elixirs, at any given time? All people seem to do now is complain. If Jagex would have put 20 on each world then elixir prices would drop faster people would eventually find it not as profitable and be mad about that. Bottom line is everyone will never be happy, but some people just complain to hear themselves speak. :wall:
  5. I'm about to get 83 slayer, but not real sure how i should go about killing the mages. Does anyone have a link to a good guide? I tryed searching, but it wasn't working.
  6. It is terrible because with working and training my game time was like 2 or 3 hours a week during season.
  7. First off I think we need to all realize that this is not a drug and it has nothing that should be considered addicting. While video games can be addicting they are only addicting because people use them to do things they can't do or be in real life and find comfort in this. Whether it is being popular or rich or getting to be a big game athlete or whatever it is just living a life you know you probably won't live. I am in college and have been playing rs since 2001 on the same account. If you look at my account you will see its not that great for 7 years of work. That is the point in those 7 years I carried a 3.5 GPA through high school, a 27 act, captain of the wrestling team, state placer in wrestling, and got a scholarship to wrestle in college (I'm a junior in college now). I had my moments where I enjoyed playing a lot and some where I didn't play as much, but I never let it run my life. I hung out with friends, maintained my current relationship with my gf(3 years now) and still had time to play every now and then. My whole point is those who say you have to stop playing to "Experience" life are wrong I have lived a great life so far all along playing and enjoying runescape. The point is you must realize that runescape is not your life. As long as you keep that in mind game on and enjoy it, because there is no such thing as a waste of time as long as you are happy with how you spent it.
  8. You have got to be kidding me? You guys do realize that the G.E. is based on a stock market in theory. The same way a stock market is effected by demand the G.E. is. Price manipulation as you cal it is just people with money flexing their muscles just like in real life. The G.E. is doing exactly what it was designed to do and that is provide items at a price which it is demanded at. If it gets so high people refuse to buy at then the price will fall.........just like a stock market.
  9. You can index this I may try to find a picture of me wrestling later(I compete for my University)
  10. by the way scrolls are horrible for alching keep them as pouchs.
  11. as it stands now i mean u can recover alot of your money so they still aren't bad, but it could be really good if they dont change alch with the lowering of shards.
  12. I was playing around with this and i found that you can high alch desert worms for 2118 and it costs 2250 in shards to make this pouch. when the up date comes it will cost 1125 to make this pouch giving you almost 700 profit after nature rune.
  13. i have been killing jellies for a while i have been getting a ton of greens and just got a blue.
  14. Has anyone been down in it yet? I read in the kb about all the monsters and it seems like a good variety.
  15. In all honesty im in college i have taken macro econ and micro econ and it doesn't make me any better at understanding some of the things that happen in ths game. Bottom line is this is not the real world sure some things will transfer over but other things will always prevent it from being a real reflection.
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