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  1. yeah point is to play rs for the right reasons not the wrong ones.
  2. haha xdx somethings like caps never change. RS just isn't the same anymore like old school cod with members such as llmao0 and etc. best of luck.
  3. Highschool wasn't too bad for me although i did repeat an extra year in the final year to achieve better grades. However the problem with Runescape is that it doesn't have too many benefits. I mean we can play different sports and become good and have a social life and etc. We can read a lot of books and increase our knowledge even when we stop reading them after a few years. What have we really gained from Runescape? not much. Sure after playing for 6 years, with three of them being really boring, i at times still think about Runescape and whether i will play again. And the answer is always no never. I would play it if i were truly having fun and enjoying it but now that the fun is gone i won't play it anymore.
  4. I always knew there were better things to do then rs and i did them. But i found that i could replace RS completely with other things eventually. I know that not all people play rs but there is no denying that perhaps millions play rs 4-6hrs a day and many of them play even more then that.
  5. I have been thinking of making this post for a while but never got around doing it. My purpose in this post is just to say some things from my mind and if possible give tips to others who is going through things i went through and etc. I guess its manners to first introduce myself. My rsn is/was retaxis2 and i have played from the very beginning of runescape. There are a lot of things which i want to talk about but that could go on forever so i won't bore you with the details. But yeah, six years on runescape went by very fast and when i look back at all the thousands of people i have met on rs and all the clans i have been in, it just seems like a different world to me. Some of the most remembered clans to me which i have been in include RsMob, BDK, Court of Dragons, Zeonic Force, The Wilddawgs, KT/SA and Forsakened. Don't know exactly if any of the old schoolers still play since i have not spoken to them for years. Mentions go out to X Dragon X, Raimus, Denker, Peter Tong 1, Chronic24, abxi, Ali Arrows, Skin Style, Meeturpker and many more. Wow i forgot so many names after a year its a shame i guess. Well now its the important part where i hope my knowledge can help people playing Runescape. I have played Runescape altogether for 6 years from 2001-2007. Out of those 6 years, i only enjoyed 3 years of it. RSC and the early parts of rs2 were enjoyable for me when me and my friends use to make many pures and 3 hit people at varrock wild on world 3. After rs2 80% of my friends quit and i pretty much lost the fun in rs2 and to be honest i should have quit there and then as well but i was stupid enough to keep playing. What followed was me afk training for the next 3 years. I will never say RS is a waste of time if you enjoyed it but i sincerely did not enjoy it but i thought heck i shall afk train because one day it will get fun and interesting again. Well guess what, it never did and it only got worse. In my case i lost so much time afk training and before i quit i was top 100 in 3 skills. My tip here is that if you play and sincerely do not enjoy it, just quit and do something else. Don't wait around hoping to join a fun clan and revive some spirit back into the game. The fun part of RS when you were still a newbie and learning things is over. Its just grinding and time wasting now so do yourself a favour and quit before you waste time like i did. But if you sincerely enjoy it, then game on. Many of you guys and girls out there probably think heck Highschool sucks and i don't have many friends so i am going to play rs till i start fresh in Uni or something right? Sure i never felt that way but over the many years i have played, many peoples mentality was just like this. You will know if you are one of them, denial will only dig yourself a bigger grave which will be increasingly harder to climb out of. But i tell you, if your one of those guys who is 16/17 doing high school and etc and playing rs and hoping to play rs for a while longer i just have to tell you something. When you finish highschool everything is different. Your slate is clean so kick the old bad habits. Be friendly and talkative and never put RS infront of anything. If some boys or girls from uni ask you to go out and etc to play pool or get wasted at the pub, don't think "hmmm i want to get lvl 98 in magic tonight....." or "hmmm my clan leader wants me to go to this thingo". Ditch that crap and just go out it will benefit your social health, mental health and make you a more cheerful person in the long run. Although what i just said does not relate too well with me since i was always the type who liked going out at any opportunity, i know for a fact that this relates to so many people which i have talked to since 2001. Point is, remember once you finish high school or primary school, your slate is clean and you best make the most of a fresh start. Don't screew yourself over by being a geek and telling new people you just met you can't go somewhere because your mum is sick when in reality you need to go to a clan event. If your 12-16 years old and playing a lot of rs and have friends. Never let it effect your life. RS is always comes last. only play when you are so bored that you want to bite your nails. And when you do, don't join clans because they will require you to do this and that and you will be dragged into crap that you don't want to be part of. However at the same time i know how hard it is to quit rs. Over the many years i have played, i doubt anyone could make me just quit RS. Heck i even lost my whole bank many times through staking and hackings and i still played. But when i had a few hundred million and top of my game, i just stopped playing cold turkey. Why? because i finally had enough of it and a combination of getting bored and having not enough time left me quitting and not logging in. Currently i am 20 years old and i really can't find any time playing rs anymore. Sure i "can" find time if i am willing to put rs at a high priority but i work 15hrs a week, full time uni, uni placements, go to the gym with friends, get wasted friday and saturday nights and with a girlfriend i just don't see how i can ever fit rs back into my life. So for those of you who want to get socially active and not sink yourself into a deep hole the advice is to get busy. Get a job first. Make some money and go out and have fun. Meet people because the later you delay this, the harder it will be to make new friends. Don't play rs into your mid twenties and find yourself socially [developmentally delayed]ed and the next 40year old virgin. However everything i say here is only based on those people who are playing rs too much and are not enjoying it like they should. It goes for those who play too much in general and is interfering with their lives. I say this because you can not play rs for the rest of your life and what will you have when you quit rs? only the memories. To be honest, this post is mainly suited to those who play rs even when they are getting no fun out of the game. AFKing while reading internet forum sites and clicking refresh and etc for years to come is not the way to live your life and neither is letting this game rule your life. Take a deep breath and think about what this game is doing to you and what you could be doing instead. In many cases, this game is just some fun on the side but i fear for most, it can and will develop into much more...Trying to quit this game just won't work even if you lose your whole bank and etc. You just have to lose enough interest in this game to realise it is not worth playing anymore. I wanted to create this post due to the reason that since 2001, i have met thousands of rs addicts who are spiralling downhill. Some played for fun and logged on once or twice a week but most played 4-6hours a day at least. And if you just look through your own friend list, i bet you can find many who at times play 10hrs+ a day. So obviously we can all see this as a problem to our mental, social and physical health. Well if you did bother reading this thanks ;)
  6. I like the tips. Some of them aren't just about runescape. Its about life and achieving the hard things in it.
  7. Staking is promoting gambling which is 18+. Gambling is earning money and risking it for more or losing it. RS staking is earning money (through hours of work) and risking it for more or losing it. Both ways its gambling and should be taken away from the game.
  8. Lol a little kid telling one of the most high achieving young partners of modern day that they are stupid. Funny. Your ideas are plan pathetic. Ban all lvl 3s? What about all the other lvl 3s? Autoers just train to lvl 4 pretty damn easy innit? Moron
  9. I don't hunt much but i always switch. Nothing to do with high levels. Its just like saying all Muslims are terrorist. Grow up kid and face the real world.
  10. We have people in the world suffering from war and billions of people living on $1 USD a day. Should i feel pity for a girl who was on the internet and decided to suicide cos her internet BF was being mean? Hell i am happy and sad at the same time. Happy that she would just suicide and there would be one less [developmentally delayed] in this world and sad that 1st world citizens are becoming a bunch of spoon fed idiots. People need to get real and stop whining about one death here and there because someone looks ugly or had pimples. Spoilt kids with emotional problems pathetic. Should ship people like her to Sudan and see how she likes it there.
  11. Possibility of those storage boxes still in shops is slim , also it seems like most of them ended up in Taiwan. That is not what i fear most. But will more and more chinese employers missuse their possibility of infecting un used storage systems. (I do say chinese only because most computer hardware happens to be made there due to low cost, not because i say that chinese people is more likely to do that ). Do we only se the start of some few ppls attempt to get their hand on virtual goods or is this case just execptional. Sure there have been more and more reports of chinese hackers lately. But most of those seems to be somewhat official. Feel free to comment anyway the article is http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2007/11/12/maxtor_infected_hdd_updated/ NUKE CHINA!!! :uhh: Srsly, first they try to poison our kids and now they try to steal our st00fs. :-w I think China should nuke you for killing all those innocent Iraqi, Vietnam and Korean kids.
  12. More and more propaganda to go to war with China. Most possibly the work of the blue team... All the BS Americans are pushing in Iran/China/Russia etc. China should just nuke the infidels
  13. Doesn't mean it is coming out soon. We have all seen this before.
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