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  1. are you angry your autoed rsc stats got banned? the reason people talk about how it used to be rather than how it is now is ebcause you autoers all got banned and now cant see what its like!
  2. l0l0lpur3


    multiculturalism just creates crime etc... i cba saying it again. we would be "swearing alligence" rather than having our jobs stolen and being mugged by foreigners. there is a reason the wages for ALOT of jobs have went down, employers KNOW immigrants will do more work for less pay so they do it to get more money. its basically legal slavery, and also most of the immigrants send money to their home country so it hurts the economy. "multiculturalism" on the mass scale it is now IS new, in pictures from like 1950 and older there is rarely any foreign people yesterday in town i saw someone who's only 3 words of english where "big issue please", can you honestly say people being allowed into the country just to be homeless helps the economy? the NHS is going downhill due to the mass immigration, and doctors from rubbish countries causing people to catch illnesses inside the actual hospital. islamic terrorists would be unable to enter the country.
  3. l0l0lpur3


    So we're all Iraqis then? OK. none of my family has ever being to iraq, idk about every1 elses tho Actually, I think you'll find European culture has been found to have originated from Babylon, which is now where Iraq lies. And most people in Northern America have ancestry in Europe, after we colonised it. Since we're speaking of around 90% of the site's population in those two groups alone, it's pretty fair to say most of this site's ancestry stems from Babylon. This is all however frankly irrelevant to your point. If we hadn't have allowed their "grandparents" in to the country, we wouldn't have a railways sytem, nor would we have as many doctors/nurses in our hospitals, or intellectuals in our universities. In fact, forget all that, we may have even lost WWII. Instead of blaming our liberalism for terrorism, why not look at your own persecution of forgeigners? notice the "which is now" bit. if they didnt allow their "grandparents" here then the public services wouldnt be so strained, and we wouldnt be so overpopulated, and there would be no terrorism at all. is "maybe even lost WWII" even a bad thing, all the immigrants from other countries would have had to stay in their own countries, rather than this "multiculturalism" bs.
  4. l0l0lpur3


    So we're all Iraqis then? OK. none of my family has ever being to iraq, idk about every1 elses tho
  5. l0l0lpur3


    no. if they or any of their ancestors where not born in the UK, they are foreigners.
  6. Anyone else noticed(well its not hard to notice) how AMD's stuff is always slower than intel/nvidia (phenom is a faliure, 2900xt is a faliure, 38x0 is slower than 8800gt). I reckon ATI/AMD will close down soon, anyone else agree rofl?
  7. l0l0lpur3


    The 21/7 attempted bombers were all born and raised in the UK. Actually forget that lets just blame immigration for everything. Lets not blame Canada, lets blame immigrants, and foreigners! :roll: if their parents/grandparents or w/e where not allowed into the UK, it would not have happened, just because they where born in the UK doesn't mean they werent foreigners. if a couple from say the US went to africa and had a baby, the baby would be american, not african. immigration is the problem for ALOT of things, like terrorism, overpopulation, strain on the NHS/other public services, diseases, rising house prices, crime, price of gas/electricity rising and more.
  8. l0l0lpur3


    terrorists only get to do it because of open borders/mass immigration means they can get into countrys easily. also 9/11 wasn't anything to do with iraq, theres a reason why only 1 or 2 isrealis died in 9/11,i personally believe it was a setup of some type so the US would have a reason to attack israel's enemies.
  9. i didnt know pigging out on fatty/oily food was an accomplishment. Also, just to take the mick out of your horrible spelling, "whats piza? ive only heard of pizza"
  10. just go on the distro's website.. like ubuntu.com for ubuntu and they usually have forums
  11. Gl, I was about to give up but because of this new thread im carrying on
  12. Extremely unfortunate that your items where lost.
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