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  1. Next time you want to make an assumption and stereotype people, atleast do it in a fashion that does not make you look like a fool.
  2. I don't get it, how would you get 99 ranged without spending money? You need hundreds of thousands of arrows to get it, which costs money. They mean chinchompas, however you call those things.
  3. I thoguht about it that way, but thats not the only reason. I interact with people a lot, trade with friends a lot. My whole play style is being hindered beyond playability so meh, I am too dishearted, ive already canceled and stopped logging in. Thank you for the kind words however.
  4. 84 cooking and 85 fletching. Don't talk about what you don't know. Staying at bank all day cooking lobster, stringing bow etc. is boring. Thats the hard part of it. ~proud 99 fletcher :P My point is people buy those skills for sake of 99. Thus why botters flourished and yew logs went up. Anyone can get 99 fletching, not that hard :) edit: and as somebody already pointed out and you can see for yourself by going to link in my comment, I can buy 200mil exp in every buyable skill, point is I dont want to spend that much time, I dont care about 99s
  5. 99 construction and herblore are easier than fletching. Yup, you are 100% right, 34 times more people with 99 fletching than 99 herblore and construction combined. 99 fletching: 29,772 99 herblaw: 423 99 construction: 381
  6. Fletching and Cooking dont even deserve a skill cape considering how many people have bought those skills to 99 for sake of it. Hats of to people wtih 99 farming, herblore, construction, things of that sort, the truely hard skills.
  7. tryto, there oyu go again with assumptions. My entire bank is supplys for skilling pretty much. Ive played since early 2001 about hte itme the game came out, but I spent more time not playing than playing. In total ive probably played for about a year, thanks for trying
  8. -Peronix-, yes, they got rid of RWT, but the problem is, rest of the players had to pay a huge price for it. Personally, I coudlnt care less becuase it did not affect me my friends werent quitting over it. Yes, thats a bad way of looking at it, but im honest about it. Now its gone, along with more htan half of my friend list. Guess its a lose lose situation, but it sure does suck being on the lose side. --------------------------------- tryto, congratulations, you discovered the intrawebz, america, and definition of merchanting. And I discovered your motives: Mountain Jam Overall 686,286 1,024 10,975,141 Its ok for newer players to hate that which they can not have or understand. I love you
  9. Dear -Peronix-: You seem like a reasonable person, so allow me to shine some light on the matter. Certain players who I will not name proceed to spread countless rhumors and lies about me 3 years ago when I actively merchanted, due to the fact that I started making a lot of $ really fast and rivaled their wealth. In order to attempt to justify themselves and somehow make the competition look bad, a lie of webs was spewed. That very same hipocritical person was selling gold the whole time for real life money and is one of the peal who caused this change to be implemented. Whatever R2 did, I was not playing at the time and I dont care about. However, the person who actively calls me manipulator to jsutify his own failures was actively trading with R2. R2 was my aquintance before I quit so when I came back I got the story from him first hand. In particulars the gory details of all the sales and bans. Personally, I dont merchant. Like I said before, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE skilling in runescape. I hate combat, I dont pk, I dont stake, I just love buying supplys at my prices for fun and leveling. Another thign I absolutely love is using my vast wealth to support my close friends. As you can see, with the upcoming trade change niether will be possible, alas the reason for my quitting. I am very upset and dissapointed and thus very skeptical about anything that Jagex might say. Lastly, I dont rejoice that certain groups of people are unhappy or quit, I present reasons to people to show how they are wrong when they condemn other people and gloat over their mysery. ------------------------------ Dear wakka102: There are many types of merchants and merchanting out there. Some more honorable than others, but most of them work. For most people, rares as a symbol of wealth, power, or achievement. My rares for me are nothing but sentimental and as such I sai dbefore I will never sell them, I just have them to remidn me of what I accomplished. My character is 1600 skill total, with a lot of 80+ skills. I love skilling, but I love doing it on my own terms, not using the prices set by some midnless zombies at jagex towers who dont know no better and totaly screw some skills, ex. herblore. The combination of reasent changes and the way they were presented built up my mind in regards to jagex and my skeptisism. Yes, I am upset that I am litereraly being forced to quit because I can no longer enjoy the game the way I want to. Only things ive been doing is buying up tons of supplys for myself and freinds to lvl and mind you I have not sold any rares I still have all my phats. Now, you may play any way you want to, I am not condemning that, I am just saying I had a certain way I l iked to play and I am upset over the changes. Hopefuly that will clarfiy some points for those who care to read and not just buy into the lies that are commonly being spread by insecure cheaters.
  10. Dear -Peronix-: Thank you for your wodnerful input, however, answer me a few questions. When you say we who do you mean? You and few other people on TiF? I certainly hope you dont use we in the same context as people use everyone? Moving on... You listed some categories based off of your extremely limited knowledge in this matter, so let me give you a larger perspective. Most people, clueless people, hear merchant and think someone hwo buys for lowest going price and sells for highest. In reality there is msut more to it. Like buying for nothing and selling for avg? Works much better and quicker too. Also, when you talk about price manipulation, you are basing it off of what yo have read on the forums, posted by people that think they may have heard something. Reality is often different from that which was written on forums. Like how some people I will not name, accuse other people who became richer than them in half the time though legitimate merchanting price manipulators, in order to feel better about being outplayed. ---------------------- Dear wakka102: So all those people who were trading rares in runescape are automatically price manipulators and cheaters who dont deserve to make a profit? For a second here look past your own feelings towards a particular person and look at the bigger picture. People who merchant rares achieve more than most people ever could. Sure, there wasnt a lot of them, but they still had their place in the game, like everyone else. I guess being on one side of the fence and trying to explain to singleplayer clickscape players that there are other ways of getting to where you are is rather pointless, some people are not capable of anything other than hate. ------------------------------ Makoto_the_Phoenix, are you sure bleach fans are old enough to use the intrawebz and play runescape and use forums? I have already stopped playing, but doesnt mean im going to stop posting on forums. Im just here to battle hipocracy and if the price of it is being hated by the hypocrates ill gladly accept that. Like I said in the other thread, I need the respect of certain people like I need cancer. Just think how boring life would be if everyone mindlessly agreed with all the stupidity and never used their brain to read between the lines and think one step ahead. edit: To further clarify for those intellectually challenged. Whatever idea of merchanting you think there is or you think there should be is not the same as having a free market where you are free to buy and sell at any price you want. When 2 people trade, much like when people buy and sell on stock exchange, both parties feel that they are getting a good deal and walk away happy. And if one party gets underpaid or overpaid, well, people just learn from their mistakes. And as for price manipulation, to save the time for the next posters who will attempt to dismiss me as a price manipulator, how about offering some solid physical proof beyond the shadow of the dobut, you know, kinda like the proof that exists when you are banned for gold selling.
  11. jonni, you know nothing of me so dont even try it. He gets what he deserves, coming here accusing people of cheating and talking about this and that. If you want to idolize him go for it, I know just who and what he is. People who make mistake dont try to redeem themselves by lashing at others and calling them this and that just to make themselves look better. So thank thanks to him if you have any friends quitting the game. edit: I need his respect like I need cancer. I tried being civil with him to which he responded by spewing more webs of lie and deceit in order to make myself and unleash look bad and himself look better, look how that turned out? I get plenty fo respect in game, not becasue of my wealth, but becuase of how I use it and treat people. On here, I treat everyone hwo they deserve it. Dont like it? go pretend that you know me and make assumptions about me edit: Makes sense now after looking when you joined and your skill total. The relationship between the 2 of us is just that, between the 2 of us, from back before you even played ruenscape. Glad you are taking sides and attacking me, but you dont know what you are talking about so atleast from 1 side you look clueless and like a fanboy.
  12. These new updates have made my gameplay infinately worse. The update removing wilderness was very bad, more loss of freedom of gameplay I dont care about F2p duel arena I have not played Clan Wars - I dont PK The trading update is 100% being the reasons for my qutting Summoning is an extremely overadvertised skill in an attempt to trick and lure some of the people who would have otherwise quit into staying and paying Jagex more $.
  13. berbatovsky, I love to argue. However, some people put on a mask and pretend to be what they are not. They write up big posts to gloat over people quitting and at the same time hide their true colors. They talk about merchanting while themselves being a big reason for the changes we have to deal wtih now. Those people make me sick. So anyone and everyone is welcome to ague with me, but I will still call out the cheaters and hypocrites on their lies.
  14. Clearly more than you - you are the one whining all across the boards how you are no longer able to merchant anymore. Oh wait I forgot. All your "merchanting" profits came from rip-off deals and price manipulation. Guess what, that is not what real merchanting is about anyway, and indeed, Jagex "ruined" that kind of "merchanting". Continue to whine. Noone cares and Jagex is determined to keep their system like this anyway. Whatever you say goldseller. I never manipulated, thus why im still not banned, unlike you. I wihsh I could have seen the look on your face when you saw that you were banned cheater. And im expressing my concern not whining. I stopped merchanting when I quit, what I was doing now was buying supplsy for cheap to concerve $ for skilling. You call yourself a merchant? I was there, you never merchanted you bought a lot of stuff for cheap and were holding on to it THATS IT. Now you write up big articles to somehow attempt and regain the respect that some people had for you (obviously those who didnt know no better). Unlike you I never sold or cheated so keep on writing articles.
  15. I never wanted instant gratification. I invitested a lot of time to get where I am (reffer to link in the comment). What I dont like is being told what something is worth and not being able to value it for my self. What I dont like is no longer being able to give my friend a ton of yew logs I bought so that she can make it into logs for her 99 fletching goal and that I can alch later. What I dont like is that I cant give my friends potions now so that they can later give me herbs they gather. The draconian trade restriction, despite all their promises of change, are nothing more than a sugar coated death pill. Ironic, how those very same people that are unhappyw tih changes are aruging with me just for sake of aruging, despite themselves hating the changes.
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