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  1. At your level i would do Moss Giants till you hit level 60. From level 60 to level 75+ do Lesser Demons and from level 75+ do Giant Spiders or Ice Warriors/Giants. If you get 90+def and 80+ ranged you could considder ranging Ankou. Use a maple shortbow and iron arrows until you hit about 70ranged, then start using steel/mithril arrows. When you reach level 80+ ranged it is a must to use mithril arrows when you range ankou, if you decide to continue ranging spiders use bronze arrows without picking them up for powertraining.
  2. Not another useless speculation thread. :wall:
  3. Not really a glitch. But if youre talking about what i think youre talking abpout then it happens when you are at ankou too. Just bury one bone every 15minutes and you are a sure shot to get a random.
  4. Well i would personnaly craft Earth Runes using the gloves. As it takes me no longer than 30minutes to get enough tokens to buy gloves it makes it really worth while for me. GOP is a bigger "waste" of time as FOG, and the gloves are much more usefull then the Teletabs.
  5. TBH i am dissapointed in the reward we got. It looks ugly, the broom is stupid and the outfit looks incomplete without a hat or mask.
  6. P2P... But im still a big noob in P2P having only been one for a few days and its my first time ever.
  7. He made a thread a few days ago. He wants to keep his F2P stats (for whatever reason) but become P2P. Just want to keep my stats F2P till i reack all my F2p goals, soon as thats done im starting on slayer... OT: Sharks from 85? Guessing i should do Famaly Crest or whatever the quest is first then?
  8. Well as it is i have grown a likeing for cooking. Its real easy and AFK-able. I am cooking lobsters at the moment and i have a few questions. 1) How much Cooking exp can i get per hour on average? 2) If i go fo 99Cooking, should i just use Lobsters the whole time or should i switch to Swordfish(or any other fish like Monkfish)at some stage?
  9. It all depends on what skill you choose to use it on and what the level of that skill is.... I got 5.7k Exp for prayer.
  10. LOL yeah i found a sorceress, but no apprentice, and she doesnt seem to do anything... Maybe the Al-kharid thing is P2P aswell... Maybe theres no other options for F2P.
  11. Like behind the bank somewhere?
  12. What can it do for P2P? Where is the Sorcorers Apprentice? I ts going to take a while to remember im a meber.... oops... what do the witches do to the broom? before i take the time to go find them i want to know if they are worhtwhile getting.
  13. Im doing some skilling too ATM, i just wear full bronze. You get a good laugh out of it being a lvl 111 with full bronze and a bronze scimi. Or wear something like the runecrafting robes and the staff. i wear that too sometimes when skilling and the staff atracts alot of attention. Only in F2p. In P2P its nothing big.
  14. Rofl. I don't know why. But i think this Question is from you. For yourself. Days out , and days in, i see you ask questions , loosing money, or whatever. AND EACH AND EVERY POST. The number 7M comes up. Either you lost it. Or you have it. Or, Your friend has it. :roll: :lol: Why would i raise a skill i hate? Why would i try get 99 in a skill i hate? Really? Thats just pathetic. I wouldnt spend 29mil on crafting, not even 1mil not even 1gp....
  15. Well looking at your skills, i would either go for 99Cooking(Not to expencive and Rather fast) or i would go for 99Crafting.
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