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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. It's Lady Cai xx / Lady Cai / Valkyrie Cai here. Changed my name so many times >_> I'm sticking with Aporia for good, or as long as I can tolerate it :P I'm back on the forums now, woot!
  3. I suppose you can try using runecrafting gloves from Fist of Guthix. It doubles your xp in the appropriate altar for 1000 rune essences. I'm not sure if it would be faster, because you'll be spending time earning the gloves. They're 75 tokens each. It could give you time off runecrafting to play the games in-between.
  4. It has to be uncharged. Back when I used charged masks, it didn't take too long before it used them all. I stuck with the slayer helm, then upgrade to full helm. I don't buy xp since it seems like you're spending much more than you're earning with it. Mainly I save to cancel annoying tasks and buy slayer darts. I rarely buy rings.
  5. Just some iron/steel knives or iron/steel arrows with a magic short on some caged/low attack creatures will do, like yaks or ogres.
  6. It was decent. I didn't like how I had trouble trying to get the wise old man to tell me he was going to attack the tower with Zene though. The rewards were nice, but I don't think it was as difficult as older quests would be with those rewards.
  7. Pure essence is pretty quick for the level ou have now. You might want to start fishing soon though.
  8. Sounds efficient :P Anyone ever use a tanking method though? I thought I'd try it.
  9. Based on my stats, what gear should I use when slaying dark beasts? Also, what items should I bring?
  10. You'll need to look over at the guide and then talk to him. Check whatever task he's asking for and match it.
  11. He has earlier tasks for you to complete before you can ask about barbarian fishing. Check to see if you've done them.
  12. Hunter -> Yes. Thieving -> Pyramid Plunder. It's faster than you think. Agility -> Yes. RuneCrafting -> ZMI is the best experience. Expect about 16.5 xp per pure essence. Mining -> I generally prefer mining iron with duelling rings and locators from Mobilising Armies. Granite becomes annoying with the running, and waterskins without the blessed tiara and all. Farming -> Adding limpwurt roots could help production. There are four basic allotments near herb patches, so that's 12 limpwurt roots - and around 1k each, they do add up.
  13. I stand corrected. I don't see why someone would buy junk for 100% of its value, though ... Are you talking about a general store?
  14. Well I'm actually a math freak, it's just the bolded part that confused me. Thanks for the clarification. : All in all whatever setup you choose and whatever inventory you bring, it would be wise to keep around an extra stack maybe 8-10m for either buying or makiing your potions, and maybe in the worst case scenario, replace lost items. You'll find it almost necessary to use saradomin brews and super restores, and don't forget these two items along with the ingredients for it are highly targeted by merchanting clans.
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