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  1. Where's the incorrect grammar and spelling? I agree that the statistics are meaningless (90% of members might use it, but that's because it's hard NOT to) but that doesn't mean 90% of members like it. I wasn't even looking for incorrect grammar/spelling but noticed that at one point he said too instead of to. I'm sure there's more if one were to scrutinize it more closely.
  2. Not really much to say but yayyyy. Not sure my exact improvement since I never really looked at my fps, but it does seem much better.
  3. Huh, yet another pete brother. Well this does look like it should be fun! :thumbsup:
  4. Wait a minute... could it be! smellysocks Toad is mod ash! That explains how he gets the updates so quickly! On another note the article on runefest was good. Makes me wish I was old enough to attend. Sounds like it was a lot better then the complete bust people were expecting.
  5. Wait a minute, given anything > ZGS does that mean that... Bronze dagger > ZGS? :blink: On a more serious note YAY they finaly released em, I can't believe that they doubled enhanced excaliburs healing O_o thats just incredible. I know other people have already said that but wow. That could probably BE someones food for most slayer tasks, even more then it used to.
  6. Believe it or not but it IS possible to beat him in posting an update, once every few months. A few of us have managed it (barely) Nice update to court cases though, those are always pretty fun.
  7. You've clearly never even touched dungeoneering, as the entire skill is in itself a MASSIVE quest. What is the "point" of questing, exactly? I was under the impression that it was to uncover the lore of Runescape while applying our acquired skills in ways that integrate our characters into the various storylines of the game. You're literally [developmentally delayed]ed if you think Dungeoneering is just a skill. dungeoneering is just a skill with a bit of story sprinkled on top. it is not even close to being a quest honestly. I can agree with quest reqs in the low 90's someday but honestly beyond that would be /really/ pushing it.
  8. Uh what about the anonymous that was banned and had like 1k day's played?
  9. Well, I know a lot of people are bound to choose the mage outfit but... i like mage.
  10. Wooo thank you thank you thank you thank you :D I have already changed my display name. I wanted to change my rs user to this but someone who does not even play took it so I went as close as I could get. :thumbsup:
  11. Personally I like this idea. The ability to see what damage YOU did without looking at your xp and guessing will be nice. and seeing what the damage you are dealt is reduced by is also a nice change. plus what attack style you are getting hit with. I don't see why people are complaining about it. We don't even know the specifics of what they will really look like. wait for it to actually come out before complaining? hmmm apperently you will be able to see 6 hitmarks at the same time when it comes out according to mod chris on the thread about this blog.... okk that might get a tad bit crowded. however the "miss" icon apparently has a very low chance of making it in too. Hence the disclaimer.
  12. Of course for those of us who already have it it is a simple matter of continually maintenance and getting the 1-2 skills that got higher each time a new quest comes out and then doing it. but yes, if runescape goes on long enough the questcape will be insanely long and difficult someday. Who knows, maybe a few... decades from now there will be a quest with a 99 skill requirement. or low to mid 90's at least. lol
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