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  1. Me and my friend like luring and messing around in deep wildy. For a balanced ice burst/dds comboer what is a good gear setup? My stats are 70+ atk str def hp and mage I was thinking god cape, nezzy, ghostly robes (or mystic, which is better?) glory, zammy book, ancient staff, prob just boots of lightness, then pots/food/dds/d scim maybe, and possibly some cheap melle gear just incase. How I want to be effective in order of importance: 1. Balance, no (or very small) negative bonuses anywhere is a major pro 2. Damage dealing 3. Weight/speed 4. Cost effectiveness 5. Safety Doesn't have to be well thought out suggestions, just some thoughts or ideas would be nice. And, in case you were wondering, this isn't a stat discussion thread. Don't tell me to get 99 strength or anything like that. P.S.: no way in hell am I risking 7m so forget about ahrim's...
  2. Or you could read my post right above you And yeah this is way over-suggested
  3. This could actually pretty neat. Of course weapons wouldn't be twice as powerful when dual wielded, that's completely overpowered and stupid. what jagex could do is make the str bonus for both weapons cut in half and make the attack bonuses a bit higher than wielding one, then keep the speed bonus the same. This way you would hit half as much twice as fast with a bit more accuracy however this means any bonuses from shields/defenders would make dual weapons pretty obsolete for players with high defense, yet they would be a viable option for pures. So, example: dagger x has 50 str bonus and 50 slash (with a rune defender around 70 slash 55 str) dagger x dual wielded has 50 str bonus spread across two weapons (25 each) and say... 55 or 60 slash bonus for each weapon dual wielded hits twice as fast so in theory dual wielded weapons would be good for pures or players woth high str levels that can make the str bonus go farther hmmm I should make a topic...
  4. You need to get 60 defence and use dragon skirt, d med or zerker helm, granite pl8, obsidian cape and obsidian shield. 59 defence is a major setback, using a combo of granite dragon and obsidian will last you a lot longer fighting rather than rune and granite. Other than that make sure you are using a Dds to poison and for specs and a d long or scim as your main weapon. Protect melle, use prayer pots super sets and monkfish and you should do good. Don't pray attack str or defence, it drains your prayer extremely fast and you won't have enough food is you use that many prayer pots.
  5. 40 defence and then 99 Mage and range pretty straightforward really
  6. What's the best way to mine addy? I honestly have no idea.
  7. I would say it is definitely worth it if you pk, are f2p, or farm a lot. Besides that, yeah not that great for much.
  8. Yeah I tend to get about the same worth no matter my EP. I got a 1m drop with 6 ep on a guy risking like, 80k? So I don't know its weird sometiems.
  9. I have a pic of geertjaars with 199,999,999 exp in a skill, not sure which one? Tell me if you want it. [/img] BTW I took this picture myself, I didn't just find it on some random site.
  10. The ring is actually extremely useful for pking. Run energy restores without wasting inv for energy pots and easy teles away. Yeah its useful for farming runs, and also a good tele out if you are monster hunting. If you equip as ring slot you don't need a tele tab. I guess this was just more of an entertaining story, but I still think it is a good item to have.
  11. Its great when you get an awesome drop on a pvp world, for example, I recently got a seren statuette (1m). Going around doing my dailies, (I had all my cash with me) I teled to lumby and switched to a pvp world, sold my statue, and went up to the bank. I got all of my combat gear out and was going to go to the ge. Because I'm an idiot I teled to varrock with 8M CASH AND A WHIP IN THE MIDDLE OF A PVP WORLD. I didn't realize it until I saw someone using ancients in varrock square, I didn't see anyone he could be attacking, oh wait! HE WAS ATTACKING ME! I didn't have any food or teles with me, not even a glory. Frozen solid 10 steps away from the bank, my life flashing before my eyes (okay maybe it wasn't that dramatic) it came to me like a light in the dark. The gold explorers ring, a beacon of hope, a last chance. With 12m resting on the line I cabbage teled away! The mage who had been attacking me was befuddled, I arrived in my favorite cabbage patch and managed to log out in time. THAT is why everyone should have an explorers ring. Explorers ring: 60 low alch casts for free daily Unlimited teleports to north of port sarim 3x daily restores run energy by 50% +1 prayer bonus To obtain just complete the easy lumbridge achievement diary.
  12. Mining and banking at dwarven mine resource dungeon is faster than dropping ores, so yeah pretty awesome.
  13. Mine iron and bank at the dwarven mine resource dungeon. You can get 35k experience an hour and about 250k gp to go along with that. I think it's the best method, but if you want to suck out your soul mining granite then go for it I guess. You will make over 3m if you mine 67-73 on iron. Or, have over 10k iron for smithing.
  14. Yeah the perfect dump timing was Thursady or early Friday, I dumped late Friday and still got a good 130% profit off of everything I bought (about 7.4m to 9.2). If you have any low level herbs or seconds left you are in deep s***, high level herbs are still okay, and I found someone to sell my ranarrs to at market price on forums. I imagine Torstol and Whiteberries will last the longest, possibly up to wed or so of next week. Just be very careful, the GE is extremely dangerous.
  15. Whoever said do all quests is smoking something. Doing every quest in the game takes at least twice (probably four to five times) longer than an easy 99. At your levels do slayer if you want higher combat and some money, besides that take everything one thing at a time. I find it helpful to get a pen and piece of paper and write down all of your goals from easiest to hardest, then start on your list and see where is takes you.
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