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  1. This (the interview) should be a TipIt newspost or something considering how popular it is :)
  2. The same person who "hacked" Chessy018 (Andy/Sly) also managed to "hack" Win All Day, but WAD wouldn't provide him with the bank pin so he wasn't able to steal the wealth. i thought WAD xfered the money to a different account before the hacking? According to what he told me, when he "hacked" WAD the wealth was still on the account but it had a bank pin. He, Andy, was trying to get WAD to tell him what the bank pin was. WAD was able to recover the account before the pin was removed, and then he transferred the wealth to a safe undisclosed account of his. @Jimmyw3000: Lol if I were you I would remove that screenshot. You wouldn't believe how much information can be found by just knowing an username.
  3. The same person who "hacked" Chessy018 (Andy/Sly) also managed to "hack" Win All Day, but WAD wouldn't provide him with the bank pin so he wasn't able to steal the wealth. Hence why WAD moved his wealth to an undisclosed account of his.
  4. Added them to the main post. Trading picture Bank picture Grand Exchange picture Items dropped on death picture On account picture
  5. Hey all. I managed to get an interview with Chessy018's hacker. Although I knew a decent amount of what actually happened, I thought it would be interesting to know everything. Here it is. Unreleased pictures at the end of the interview. Also, an update to the RS2 Fact Sheet is finally coming. Unreleased picture 1 Unreleased picture 2 Unreleased picture 3 Unreleased picture 4 Trading picture Bank picture Grand Exchange picture Items dropped on death picture On account picture
  6. I noticed a couple pages back Zarfot's "life", efficiency, and 10 hour days were being discussed about... him being glorified for 10hr days, being efficient... ect.. Well just do the simple math. In the real word, playing an online game for 10 hours each day is pretty much the same as 16-18 (drumgun). Here: 24 hours in a day -10 hours online gameplay = you're left with 14 hours. sleep for 6-8 hours = 8 hours left (6 slept) 7 hours left (7 slept) 6 hours left (8 slept) So he only is left with 6-8 hours each day to: (italics mean that this is optional, he may or may not had this in his life) - attend college (he stated that he did) >> driving to college, parking, walking to class, being in class, leaving class, walking to parking spot, driving back home, parking, entering home - cook or open up his breakfast, lunch, and dinner - set up his plate (this can take very little or an okay amount of time) - eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner - have a "social" life (broad term) - wash his face, brush his teeth - have a shower - commute to work (depends on traffic) - arrive at work, set up, and begin working - leave work, begin commute home - paying your bills every once in a while - more These plus many other real life obligations mean that in reality, Zarfot was as much as a "no lifer" as Drumgun is. Just look at that list (and it isn't even completed with daily LIFE requirements). Six to eight hours is not enough to be able to even do half of do all of that and still be considered a "normal" person by society's standard. The reason why Zarfot quit the game seems rather obvious to me. I'm not trying to be an ignorant idiot who can't see things from others perspective... No, I understand where Drumgun is coming from. Anyway. Zarfot probably realized that this was only a game. The "experience" you gain are only pixels that can be viewed online. I'm sorry to be harsh here but there truly is no future if you have Runescape severely dominating over your life or even if Runescape is your life. Again, Zarfot likely realized then and decided to move on from the game, and focus on his life. @Drumgun: I hate math too. All of the overcomplicated stuff taught in classroom is never used in the real life. Waste of time imo.
  7. I hate imbeciles and those who can't handle a proper conversation. Anyways. I don't know what the current subject is, but I want to post this anyway. I've been lurking this thread for some time now and it saddens me that people can't understand others perspectives. Drumgun plays a lot (18hrs/day) but that is his choice and his life. It is not your life. The fact and the matter is that he has 2.3B+ total experience (continues to increase at a fast rate). That is simply the method he has chosen to play the game. Other top players have a lower amount of daily play time. This does not make Drumgun any less efficient... at the end of the day, he is amongst the top players... like it or not... Also about Drum not having 200M Slayer... Are you serious? No other top players have 200M Slayer so stop shoving it up his (you know). It takes years to get... it's a slow skill. Getting or having 200m slayer does not make you a more efficient player, it just means that you have this as your goal and as such you've chosen to attempt to achieve. Although please remember that this is only my opinion. An opinion is not fact. Your opinion is not fact. My opinion is not fact.
  8. Will the "new wilderness" be a full-out wilderness with no item restrictions whatsoever, or will it have certain item restrictions? Are you going to mess up the "new wilderness"?
  9. Old news to me. Already knew all of this. http://forums.zybez.net/topic/967194-runescape-classic-fact-sheet-update-sept25/ Sorry to have to link off TipIt but there's the updated version. RSC Fact Sheet 150k+ views, too interesting. But anyways... I'm trying to get an interview with Paul or some of the earlier Jmods... :)
  10. Thank you :). I'll correct that in the next update. I also gotta add in some new exp records. Luckily I have this bookmarked :) Nice! It's pretty hard to find world maps.. the Gower Archive (now long offline) used to contain every single RS1 world map. Anyways, I uploaded a couple of those world maps (11/26/2007, one in 2006, and one in 2004). Should those Imageshack images ever go offline (will eventually), you can find the pics here :): http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/post110.html#p110 Alright. Thank you Type "Runescape Classic Fact Sheet" on google and go to the first result. This one is rs2 only, the one there is for rsc. THanks for posting though :D Heh, I wonder the same :)
  11. Hey everyone :). Hopefully everyone had a happy Christmas :). Happy New Years in advance, too. Does anyone have a map picture of the pre-bounty hunter Wilderness? I'm planning on making it interactive - much like TipIt's current world map. Instead of linking to guides, you would click an area and be redirected to a page with pictures of such area. I think this is fitting for the upcoming update.. plus it would be pretty cool. In the mean time.. here is a really rare picture of a sleeping bag in Runescape 2! http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=85 http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=84
  12. I found these two pictures laying around in the "storage forum". I thought you guys might enjoy. Old message center (v1): http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=69 Rose hiscore glitch: http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=22 Mod Fib hiscore gitch: http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=28 W66 law running company announcing closure: http://rs2factsheet.freeforums.org/download/file.php?id=40 What you guys think of this little find :o? Alright :). Thank you and remember to check on it every once in a while. For 200m firsts (p2p), it's obviously the #1 in that skill. And none of the #1's are 100% f2p as far as I know. For most skills, that would be the case. However, therehave been a few who have been banned. I would also try to get first to 50M, 100M, and 150M in such skill to make it as complete as possible. This would require a ton of digging up old websites/ect. In other words, too much to handle especially since some of the skills have been in the game since its release. Thank you. Please tell your friends :P? Hmm, I don't believe I have. Too many updates I've too make. But yea, Runescape is an interesting game =] Seems to be the case for a lot of old players (cleaning up their old computer stuff). Thank you. Please check on it every once in a while as it should grow in content. I don't understand. Could you elaborate please? Thank you :). Tell your friends :D? icwatudidthar. :ugeek:
  13. I'm fairly certain that he is. Cheesy018 comes as a close competitor when Santa Hats inflate. No problem! Please spread it amongst your friends. I certainly would, but the list only includes skills released after the opening of RS2 beta. If I were to include them, I would also have to include their P2P counterparts - which would require a lot of researching. Not only for data, but also for the appropriate hiscore pictures. Anyways. I wish there was some sort of bumping function :P. Otherwise I have to wait until someone posts, and I reply to them. Or the last reply wasn't by me. TipIt has a lot of old schoolers. It would be great if they submit their old screenshots :o
  14. RSC's wilderness was a lot bigger than RS2s ever was. But yea anyways, I don't like todays wildy
  15. Updated :o! - Added El Popo1 & Rela Rela5 to the RS2 Firsts lists. - Added the old graphics picture with its own section - Planning to start adding random glitches/bugs :D
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