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  1. I came across a room with multiple maxed lv warrior/mage/rangers, are there any tricks to do this room, or all I can do is only killing all of them? thanks PS: I am f2p
  2. Since I am going to Canada for holiday, and my friend told me that I can buy rs prepay cards there for membership. But since I am Asia, and I can't see the runescape prepay card option on the rs subscription page (unless I choose my country to others like USA, UK, etc), I would like to know, is it possible to purchase cards in Canada and then switch my 'country' to others so that I can use it when I am back? thanks
  3. My friend also told me if I dung with a lv3, I can get xp similiar to p2p, but I don't how it works, can some1 explain it to me?
  4. I would like to know which is the besr methods for training dung in f2p? I mean the no. of ppl, ppl ratio, szie, complexity at different floors. An currently I have spear/pl8 body and 120 death bound with me, r these ok? thanks
  5. So no need to waste points on those 'special'?
  6. 1. I am now at the 'conquest' part and after a few games I still can't take down half of them. Can some1 provide a common strategy to win? Do I need to use the 'special' in order to win as I don't have any points left, so I can't use any of the 'special'. 2. Is the final boss fight hard with yak., ovl and turmoil? thanks
  7. How should I get 60k battlestaff in 1 month? I would like to get 99 crafting but since I will cut my membership for a while due to some reasons after a month, how should I collect them? I have been to w2 for a while, but still I can't find any seller. thanks
  8. If my cannon cannot kill it (like my boost drops), can I boost and try again? cuz I heard that u only have 1 chance and Idk whether it is true or not.
  9. Since I am going to quit member for a while due to some reasons, I want to know is it possible to get a prestinge higher than 35 and then play f2p dung when I am back to f2p to get more xp per floor? If it is impossible, then will my prestinge reset to 35 or what? thanks
  10. Is it possible to complete fremmy elite with a cannon, wild pie but without a fire cape at lv88? thanks
  11. I need torstol for making overlord (I 'll use boost), and the bouns xp weekend is nearly over, but how come it doesn't crash? Is it because mreo ppl can make ovl after the weekend so they r buying for it? Do you think they will crash some times later back to its original price?
  12. But since my prestinge is quite low now, and I do not ascess to all floors, should I solo med/duo or do other else for my highest floors? And by using your method, can some1 roughly estimate the time I need? thanks
  13. Can some1 define the word 'rush' to me?... Complete the floor as fast as possible without killing any monster (except guardian door)? If I solo c1/c6, can some1 tell me the approximate time that I should use to complete them respectively? thanks
  14. Sorry for 'stealing' your post but may I know what is 'logout trick'?
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