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  1. Ya, like everyone else has been saying your not losing much profit between 100% and 90%, but I believe that the amount you receive is based off of the percentage each day, and for that reason I usually get the percentage up to 100% every couple days.
  2. I just completed the "How many fishermen are there on the fishing platform?" challenge scroll. After finishing the Kennith's Concerns quest the answer is 0, instead of 11.
  3. Thanks for the help, this sounds like a plan, now I need a consant flow of income to cover it, I guess I'll stick with slayer. Edit: OMFG!! Mature Greeman Ales are 65k ea!! Going back to combat potions.
  4. Lol, I was at a lost for words for the moment :D Thanks! And I'm assuming you are refering to boosting w/ greenman ales? If so wouldn't that require alot of extra ales?
  5. I was just wondering which potion is the most cost/exp efficent potion to make at level 80 herblore. I'm slowly trying to get to 92 and I want to conserve to cash w/out having a really slow exp rate. Thanks in advance!
  6. oh... i thought he converted 2 logs into 28... thanks
  7. So on tip.it's woodcutting guide it says exchange 2 spec logs for a full invo. of mahogany planks, but when i go and do that it will not let me.
  8. Well, once i get good at pking and get a good vid I'll post that one here just for Miller
  9. Not gonna lie, that was pretty lame :thumbdown: his commentarys had me rollin :P Obviously I'm no pker, but the series is just about me going into the wild and trying to pk people and hopefully my viewers will be able to watch my progression. But mostly this series is for the commentary right now.
  10. Barrows trip video up, hope everyone enjoys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaMb9O9hiRs
  11. Here is the lnk to my new rocko attempts pking series, more videos to come!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzqbHSz36tw Hope everyone enjoys!
  12. abyss is your best option atm, you could try graahking natures. Personally, I would wait for free trade to come back and hope people will want to law run.
  13. probably not much more than it was for law running
  14. i am confuse I'm also confused because you can still do them in the wildy, unless you are refering to buying the items for the emote clues and selling the random rewards.
  15. First off, nobody was complaining about that here, but mainly I really doubt that they will add non-pvp worlds.
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