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  1. I think there's gold ore at the al kharid mine too, so you could grab the ore you need for the ring there and then smith/smelt.
  2. It saves more money to run through the abyss to repair the pouches- NPC contact consumes runes. You can even bring essence and do a run to the nature or law altar for more profit while you repair the pouches! Then just home teleport and you're ready to go.
  3. If you bring a magpie with you instead of an abyssal familiar, it will pay for itself and then some with gems (including diamonds!!) Also, use home teleport on Lunars to bank and then teleport back to Ourania to save runes. Hope this helps!
  4. Are... are we safe here? Or will my post asking why a derp who doesn't play got admin be deleted :(
  5. Raging about an admin in public wouldn't remove him from adminship either. It's the same reason that we don't allow people to flame other users. We don't allow flaming, bashing, or rude comments directed at anyone. Several of the posts removed were not by any reasonable definition bashing. Calling it a poor decision or asking why is just simple polite disagreement. What you want is for the thread to be 100% oral pleasure for Jimmy.
  6. The system where low level slayers can steal drops from high level slayers? Seems like it makes sense to fix it in the same way that I can't walk over to ice strykes and snipe people's staff of light drops without damaging the monster. The actual coding part would be quick, and it's hard to make an argument that it wouldn't make the game more fair.
  7. You can't use void with divine at nex. Or at least, no halfway decent team will take you if you do- void is only remotely good with deflector and arma/pernix top. If you get together full arma and barrows gloves to replace the void, plus rigour, you'd meet the requirements of Nex Hunters.
  8. Someone's mad about the idea of not being able to snipe drops >_> It's not a complex update. You can't claim it would waste development time more than trash updates like lava flow mine and livid farm and wildywyrms. It's just a simple patch, not a project.
  9. Y, you think these scripts are against the rules? Show me a user who has been banned, warned, or contacted in any way regarding the use of these scripts. They aren't new, they've been around for quite some time. If Jagex had even a quarter of the resources they claim to have for combating macroing, we'd have seen someone get busted over this. I know plenty of users who have had stat wipes from botting, and yet nobody has EVER had action taken for the use of Wicked's scripts (believe me, we'd have seen the rants if it happened). We can only conclude that, since they follow the only Jagex source that has been presented on macroing policy, nobody has had any action taken because they are LEGAL. Claiming otherwise is nothing more than a transparent jab at TEF under the guise of following Jagex rules. I refuse to believe anybody can be stupid enough to actually believe these scripts can be illegal given the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, with the possible exception of the Jagex derp who's eventually going to find this email buried somewhere and copy paste a response to it.
  10. Sorry. It's not to be mean or anything like that, but we're not going to let people use things that cut their ability to deal damage by 20% or more. It's not fair to others in the clan to allow someone to willfully hurt their team like that. I agree that tactician should be a viable option, but the way the game is designed makes it beyond useless.
  11. Tactician ring isn't even remotely comparable to berserker- berserker is always significantly better at the same tier. Not only is it way worse for damage, but there's also only one accurate style on battleaxe and 2h- you can't use crush without using aggressive. So no, using tactician is not allowed. The only time you'd get a battleaxe over a 2h is at the primal level before you can get primal 2h. As for the staff bind, you'd probably be better off with a plate if you're hoodless. Everything will be tanking on you, and without armor you'd too often be spending more time healing and avoiding damage than attacking. You can try a staff bind if you like, but you will probably die a lot.
  12. It's especially aggravating that we KNOW the email will come from some braindead community mod who doesn't know what he's talking about, and then we'll be right back where we started. It's unfortunate that TIF is too intent on driving a wedge between our communities to actually think about the issue and consider the evidence rationally.
  13. 1) The type of occult floor done is going to be the highest floor that the lowest level in the party can access. It doesn't matter if you've already done that set of floors as long as you are capable of doing a floor with that boss. If you only have low occults open and do a flesh floor, it will just tick off your highest undone occult and give experience as if you had done the floor it ticked off. If you only have thunderous floors open and do a lower floor, though, it'll give experience based on the lower floor, so it's best to try to do floors higher than what you have open rather than lower if you can help it. Tl;dr you can join flesh floors as long as you have ANY occults open and have a high enough DG level to access fleshspoiler. 2) Most keyers don't require skype at all. Personally I require all members of floors I key to at least listen in so that it's easier for myself and the wingman to give orders and correct mistakes without slowing down the floor. You'll find that you're able to participate in floors much more easily and effectively if you grab some headphones and listen in, maybe tell your parents you're listening to music if they ask. If your parents are too smart for that, you're definitely still allowed in DGS, and it won't be a big deal generally. Hope you can work something out, as it really is 50x more fun to DG with skype in my opinion.
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