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  1. I don't know what happened but my first foto goes down, i have uploaded the first one and another with some updates. AH.. and If someone could give me an idea for the varrock castle, I know it's similar to lumbridge, but i need to know how do you imagine it all the building(coz' with High Detail you can' see all) TY.
  2. Hi, I have been working on Varrock and on another things, here the furnace and Varrock hills, also Varrock entrance.
  3. Hello, answering to Hobgoblin: I don't use TrueScape. I use 2 programs, 3d Studio Max and Anim8or, Anim8or is very simple, but it's quite good for standard objects, i usually use it when i'm not on my computer, cause it's an executable and it's very portable. 3D Studio Max, is more complex... And I'm thinking about make the entire world with Anim8or, it's faster and easier. Now I haven't got FTP acces, and geocities doesn't allow me to put photos, so let me some time till i get home and i will post Some parts of Varrock.
  4. I'm back, i've been working and currently i have finished the waterwhill and the Shack, as you told me. I haven't got a lot of time so i couldn't start with varrock. I'will post an screenshot of TOP VIEW so you can see the objects are set 90% equal to runescape map. The waterwhill: The Shack, wooden as you told me: The top view of Draynor manor with Transparent objects (there are some buildings that you can't see, currently working on too: (Thumbnail)
  5. kobbo: Can you tell me which is the web for download it? Anyway, I have searched above... And I couldn't found anything... Dude of war: I don know a lot of english, so i will be very pleased if you tell me what do you mean with the shack? I think taht you are talking about the house, next to the mine in lumbridge swamp, if its that i will try to build a better one. I'm currently working on Lumbridge Waterwhill. Tomorrow i will try to build a part of varrock. I will be very pleased if someone tell me some bug they found cause usually i forgot some z values and... soon i will post the 3d viewer, so you can see it better. Thank you very much
  6. Hi guys, now i'm trying to make runescape no-member 3d world map, of course it's not as runescape world, it's very simple. Also, when i finish all no-member map i will begin to make the Runescape 3d GPS, that will show you which route you must follow. (It won't locate you, and you must clic, it won't break macroing rule). Here are some photos I hope you like the project: Another Point of View, some updates:
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