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  1. Perfect! Thanks heaps and sorry for the poor description of what I wanted #-o And sallaste I'd say the first one looks the best but maybe add a border and make the transition between the colours a bit smoother? Having said that don't listen to anything I say in regards to anything artistic :P
  2. Beamo26

    URL text

    Thanks! :thumbsup:
  3. Beamo26

    URL text

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how you make text "clickable" (I suppose that's how you say it? :P ) like when you want to have in your signature click here to go to... (the red is what you click) Hope that makes sense #-o
  4. Used to merchant way back in the day and bought a white when they were around 50m or so and have pretty much had it since :)
  5. Ha yeah I'm not the most art educated... Just go wild and experiment :
  6. So it's not really possible to do one without a render? I just wanted somethin that looked cool (don't really know art as you can probably tell!) and I'm not really a fan of any renders! If it's not possible don't worry about it :)
  7. Welcome! [hide=Introduction]Hello all! The name's Beamo (or Kyle, whatever takes your fancy) and this is my blog. I live in Australia and enjoy playing any sport (depending on the season) especially golf. I'm currently studying physics, biology, health and legal studies at college and am hoping to continue on to university to study law. I've been on and off RS for a few years (hence the lack of any good skills) but have decided to finally attempt to get a 99 :[/hide] [hide=The Goal]99 Construction. I have always wanted 99 construction since it came out despite it being a massive money drain #-o I think it's the fast xp that drew me to it :D I use the oak door method which gets around 200-250k xp an hour (if anyone knows of any other methods let me know :thumbsup: ) I currently have 90 construction banked but need to sell my party hat in order to get 99 :|[/hide] [hide=Bank/Stats/Levels]Here's my starting bank and stats (expect the bank to be somewhat diminished at the end of this :P ) No level up pictures at the moment as I just got 83 but a couple should be up soon :[/hide] My private is always on so feel free to add me for a chat Wish me luck guys!
  8. *I want a: Signature *No render if possible, just some abstract art :) *Style: Abstract Text (If any): Beamo Size: let the artist decide Any specific artist you want to do this for you?: Not really, whoever is up for it! Notes/Other: Could the sig possibly be a mixture of blue and red? :
  9. Well that sucks ha :cry:
  10. So the only realistic way I will be able to sell it is by getting members and buying 3rd age? :?
  11. Hey all! I was just wondering what the deal with selling party hats these days is... I have a white and am trying to sell it but I'm only F2P and whenever I check on forums the only people buying/selling add or want 3rd age items... Can anyone tell me why this is and if there is any way I can sell my white F2P without adding items or what not? :D
  12. Best of luck with it all :thumbsup: Just a quick question, what's up with selling 3rd age with party hats these days? Is that the only real way to sell party hats anymore? I have a white on F2P but can't sell it at all, I even tried selling it for the cheapest GE price :P
  13. Beamo26

    F2P 99

    Might give smithing a go! Hopefully the damage isn't too much :P
  14. Beamo26

    F2P 99

    Smithing really? What method etc?
  15. Beamo26

    F2P 99

    Upwards of 300m if I sell my p hat but if I don't 70m or so...
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